Sunday, 29 November 2015

Favourite wedding suppliers #5 - Fabulous Welshcakes

Yes, I realise that this is a ridiculously delayed blog post... I got married 15 months ago! However, I ate a welshcake from the lovely Fabulous Welshcakes a few days ago which reminded me that I still hadn't got around to blogging about our beautiful wedding favours.

We spotted a Fabulous Welshcakes stand at a wedding fayre fairly early on in the planning process and decided (after eating too many samples) that welshcake favours would work really well at our wedding. I arranged everything by email with Jo at Fabulous Welshcakes and all my questions were dealt with quickly and efficiently. We decided to go for a sealed bag of three heart-shaped welshcakes for each guest, with three different flavours - traditional, lemon and white chocolate, and dark chocolate and orange. We also ordered gluten free favours for our guests with dietary requirements - nothing was too much trouble for Fabulous Welshcakes.

We collected our favours from the Cardiff Bay store the day before the wedding and took them home to tie on the ribbons. Although Fabulous Welshcakes offered the option of supplying and tying the ribbon themselves, our colour theme was very specific so we sourced the ribbon ourselves. We did have a 'wedding panic' moment when we ran out of ribbon halfway through tying the favours, but luckily we found an identical shade in Cardiff Market!

Our favours looked beautiful on the day and everyone commented that they were a nice touch and something very different (and very Welsh!). Most importantly, they tasted amazing.

I'm now craving a welshcake... why isn't Fabulous Welshcakes open at 6pm on a Sunday evening?

Sunday, 1 November 2015

My Pandora discovery

I've recently discovered the wonder of Pandora... I know, I'm very late to the party!

My Pandora story started back in June. I wanted a nice bracelet for my birthday which I could wear on special occasions, and I decided that a Pandora bracelet would be a good option as I could keep adding charms to it whenever I fancied a change. A Pandora bracelet is also the gift that keeps on giving as family and friends can continue to buy Pandora additions for special occasions (not that I'm hinting here, of course).

As you're about to find out, one bracelet turned in to many more Pandora goodies...

The love affair started after my birthday in June when I bought my very first bracelet and charm with my birthday money. There were two types of charm bracelets available so I went with the pretty bangle type along with a sparkly 'B' charm to start me off.

Neil bought me another charm for my birthday a few days later... then there were two! I'm a big fan of stars so it seemed an obvious choice for my second charm. 

A few months down the line, after bestowing much adoration on my bracelet and its charms, I decided that I'd actually prefer to keep my charms on the classic charm bracelet and wear the bangle on its own. Cue the purchase of my new bracelet! This bracelet was my present to myself after achieving a promotion in work, and I bought a cute little daisy spacer to go with it. I thought I'd go for the heart shaped clasp rather than the traditional barrel clasp as it was a little bit different. My love for Pandora was definitely growing (and costing me more money)! 

As you'll already know if you're an avid reader of my blog, we travelled to Florida's Walt Disney World in September. I was extremely excited about the shopping possibilities as I knew there'd be plenty of beautiful Disney Pandora charms available at the Disney parks. After a LOT of deliberation, I decided to go for a Mickey Mouse pendant charm and a Walt Disney World ball charm. The ball just seemed like the ultimate Disney souvenir for my bracelet and I was smitten as soon as I saw it. 

I now had five charms on my bracelet. They were all moving around of their own accord and gathering next to the clasp, so I decided to buy a couple of clips to keep all the charms together as well as to keep them safe. Although I initially thought I wanted clips in the same shape and size as the Walt Disney World charm, I really liked the smaller Firework clips when they were suggested by the super friendly store assistant. My bracelet finally looked tidy and symmetrical, and there was no longer any danger of losing my precious charms! 

I promised myself that I wouldn't buy myself another Pandora charm until after Christmas... then I started looking at Pandora rings. It turns out that there's a whole range of beautiful Pandora jewellery which is just irresistible! I thought I'd buy myself a ring as a pay day treat this month as I've been working so hard, so I scoured the website beforehand and went for their beautiful delicate bow design. The photo below doesn't do it justice as it's a lot more sparkly in real life, but you get the idea.

I definitely won't be buying any more Pandora jewellery before Christmas (I promise), so I'm hoping there'll be a Pandora bag or two underneath the Christmas tree on Christmas Day. 

Have you discovered the wonder of Pandora yet? If so, are you as obsessed as I am? I'd love to hear about your recent purchases!