Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Valentine's surprise

I don't really do Valentine's Day. I'm of the opinion that you should do little things for people every day to show them that you love them, rather than splash out on one day every year. Myself and my boyfriend said we'd exchange cards, but wouldn't buy presents as we're going to New York next week. However, I wanted to do something nice and surprise him. Not because it was Valentine's Day, just because I wanted to make him smile. Cheesy, I know. Only problem was, I didn't have any spare money left before pay day. So what could I do?

When I won Rebecca's giveaway, I thought of the perfect surprise.
Heart shaped shortbread!

I made chocolate chip shortbread last month, so I already had all the 
ingredients and utensils I needed. 

So, last Friday evening, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work! In case you're wondering, my boyfriend lives in Shrewsbury so I didn't see him on Valentine's Day, I didn't just get the date wrong. I followed exactly the same process as last time, but rolled the dough out after chilling it in the fridge, rather than cutting into rounds as I did last time. I could then cut out the heart shapes with the cutter and put them on the baking trays.

The cutter in action!

The biscuits weren't quite as thick as I'd have liked because I rolled the dough too thinly as it was difficult to judge, but they still turned out really well and tasted delicious. We're supposed to be trying to be healthy at the moment so I kind of put a spoke in that wheel by making the shortbread, but you have to treat yourself sometimes!

The finished products

My boyfriend really appreciated the gesture, which shows that the little things are just as important as the big extravagant gestures. Now... what shall I bake next?


  1. They look great :)

    What about chocolate chip Welsh cakes for St David's Day? I love the cake part but hate the fruit in them.

    1. Ooh, good idea! I'm in New York for St David's Day but could make some belated ones :)

  2. Try an easter cake or cupcakes next :)

    LL xx


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