Friday, 1 February 2013

Six Nations 2013... what will happen?

It's that time of year again... the Six Nations tournament starts tomorrow! I love love love the Six Nations and can't wait for it to start. Wales won the Grand Slam last year, but I have a feeling we won't be retaining our crown this year after our performances in the Autumn internationals. We did get better towards the end to be fair, but we just couldn't close out the game at the crucial stages.

We've been blighted by injuries too which hasn't helped matters, but at least Leigh Halfpenny is fit and well again. He was the only player who stood out for me in the Autumn and he literally puts his body on the line every time he wears the Welsh shirt.

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Despite my apparent pessimism, when the game kicks off against Ireland at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon, I'll still be super excited and will be convinced that we really can win the game and the whole tournament. Call it blind optimism if you want to, but it's the effect the Six Nations tournament has on me. It's just a great rugby tournament with a unique atmosphere, and it definitely brightens up the otherwise dull month of February. 

Here's what I think the final table will look like... I hope I'm wrong. It always feels wrong to predict that my team will end up in the bottom half of the table!

1. Ireland
2. France
3. England
4. Wales
5. Scotland
6. Italy

What are other people's predictions?


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