Friday, 15 February 2013

More glitter!

I recently posted about my experiment with Barry M glitter nail varnish. I appear to have caught the glitter bug, and now I'm now wearing a totally different shade of glittery goodness. I had forgotten  one thing about glittery nail varnish though... it's an absolute nightmare to remove it so make sure you allow enough time, patience and cotton wool!

I wanted purple nails this time with some glitter, so I used these two shades:

Bright Purple and Silver Multi Glitter

I love this purple shade and use it very regularly, so it was nice to try a variation on the theme. I used the purple as a base coat, then painted the silver glitter polish on top.

The finished result!

I really love this shade, and it totally transforms the ordinary purple nail varnish into something a lot more sparkly and unique. The silver polish could also be worn by itself as it's very striking and won't always need a base coat. What combination shall I try next?


  1. Ah i totally need to paint my nails! Love the purple x

    1. The purple is lovely and stays unchipped for ages too :) x

  2. I have the same purple, love it! :)


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