Friday, 5 August 2016

Clogau's beautiful Forget Me Not range

2016 has been a difficult year so far.

At the beginning of the year, my grandmother passed away at the grand old age of 98. She'd been suffering a lot towards the end so it was comforting to know that she was in a better place with no more pain, but it was still very upsetting for all those left behind. I have many precious memories of my Nan and she taught me so many crucial life lessons which I still live by today.

My grandmother kindly left me some money and I wanted to make sure I spent some of that money on something significant and meaningful in memory of such a special lady. I scoured the internet for weeks and eventually came across the perfect keepsake - Clogau's Forget Me Not necklace.

The necklace is really beautiful and I smile to myself every time I put it on. Nan always used to smile fondly at my love of jewellery, even though she wasn't a jewellery magpie herself, so I'm sure she'd approve of my choice.

After buying the necklace and falling in love with it, my eyes inevitably strayed towards the rest of the Forget me Not range. However, I couldn't justify spending that much money on anything else from the range so I decided to be content with my necklace.

A few weeks later, along came my 30th birthday and a new ring from Neil...

There are two rings in the range - this small stacking ring and a bigger Forget me Not ring. Neil correctly decided that the small stacking ring was much more appropriate for me as my hands are so small! It was so thoughtful of him to buy this ring as an accompaniment to my beautiful necklace and it made me very happy on my 30th birthday morning.

And lastly, to complete my Forget me Not story, I've been going through a difficult time in the last few weeks which I might blog about next week (if I'm brave enough). Neil has been amazing throughout the whole ordeal and took me into town on a particularly difficult day last week to buy a special gift from a certain shop...

The beautiful Forget me Not earrings! These earrings really are stunning and look so perfect and elegant when worn with the necklace and the ring. I wore the whole set last weekend and it's fair to say that it cheered me up significantly.

So, although 2016 has been a very difficult year in parts, one positive thing has come out of it... my discovery of Clogau's Forget me Not range!

Are you a Clogau fan? If so, you should definitely pop in to your local store soon to take a look at their Forget me Not range. Please don't blame me if you also fall in love with the entire collection!