Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Hollister Addison... best perfume ever?

I'm not a Hollister person. I despise the Hollister store in Cardiff as it's too dark, there are identical blonde shop assistants everywhere and there are always teenage scenesters hanging around outside. I do like some of their clothes, but they're massively overpriced for my budget. So why do I own a bottle of Hollister perfume?

Hollister clothes and accessories are much cheaper in America than they are in the UK as it's an American brand. When I went to Florida in September, I decided to go in to Hollister to see if I could find something that was decently priced. The store in Florida was a pleasant surprise... it wasn't full of intimidating identical shop assistants and wasn't totally dark!

The first thing I saw was a perfume display, so I thought I'd try a few out as I'd been looking for new perfume for months. As soon as I tried Hollister Addison, I knew I had to have it. I'm not going to attempt to describe it as I'm rubbish at deciphering what perfume actually smells like, but it's very sweet and lasts for hours. Have you ever been in to a Hollister store and been greeted by a lovely smell? I'm pretty sure that Hollister Addison is the perfume they spray around to make their stores smell nice. Google tells me that this perfume blends sun ripened peach, peony and sunshine musk. Does that actually mean anything to anyone? All you need to know is that it smells amazing.

The 60ml bottle of perfume was 40$, which is approximately £27. The same perfume is listed on Amazon for £59.95. Bargain! I usually buy perfume from the Britney Spears range which is cheaper at approximately £20 per 100ml, but the Hollister perfume has a stronger and more striking scent and lasts much longer.

I love everything about this perfume... the intoxicating scent, the understated bottle, the convenient size of the bottle and the floral detail on the bottle top.

I only use this perfume on weekends and on special occasions as I need it to last until I go back to America. There's no way that I'm paying £59.95 for a bottle in the UK, however good the perfume is!

Does anyone else use Hollister Addison? Can you recommend any other Hollister perfumes for my return trip to America (whenever that might be)?


  1. They have another version of this called Addison Sunrise. It's a blend of pineapple, jasmine, and sandalwood. The other fruity one they have is called Crescent Bay and it's watermelon, poppy, and sugary woods. I personally like Malaia because it's not as sweet, and it's basil, lavender, and vanilla bean.

    1. I'll keep a look out for the other varieties! :) x


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