Monday, 25 March 2019

What I ate in Venice

It already feels as if our trip to Venice was about two years ago after a crazy busy couple of weeks. One way of keeping the memories alive is to blog about them, so here's another holiday blog post!

I posted a photographic summary last week, so this week I've decided to focus on what we ate (and drank) during our time in Venice.

We ate breakfast at the hotel every morning as this was included in the price of our room. I've loved the breakfasts we've experienced at every Italian hotel we've ever stayed in, and Hotel Savoia & Jolanda is no exception. They offer a huge buffet breakfast with loads of choice, and you can be as light and healthy or as deliciously indulgent as you like. I had a hot chocolate every morning along with various combinations of fresh bread rolls, meats, cheeses, pastries, yoghurt, granola, and lots of other sugary beauties. Don't be fooled by the photo below... this isn't an accurate representation of the size of my breakfast!

Breakfast kept us going until late morning which conveniently meant we were hungry again just in time for lunch. We usually had something quick from a little side street, such as a pizza slice or a filled wrap, which we took away to eat as we walked. These lunches were really cheap but so fresh and tasty.

We decided to have a sit-down lunch one afternoon at Hotel Londra Palace's Bistrot 4172 which was spectacular. We sat outside in the sunshine with a glass of Prosecco and a Mojito, and we were given a massive bread basket to start. I ordered the Ravioli dell'alto Veneto and I could honestly have eaten it three times over because it was so perfect.

As if that wasn't enough food to be getting on with, we also went out for a nice dinner every evening while we were in Venice. Due to the great location of our hotel, we didn't have to stray very far to find amazing and varied restaurants. On two evenings, we simply walked downstairs to eat in our hotel's Ristorante Principessa. The other restaurants we tried (Conca d'Oro and Trovatore) were only a short walk away.

Do you know what I really love about Italian restaurants? It's perfectly acceptable to order pasta for your first course and steak for your main, and you can still order a starter and/or dessert if you fancy it. SO MUCH FOOD.

You might think we had more than enough food between our breakfast, lunch and dinner, but you'd be wrong. We also needed to make sure we kept ourselves going with little (and large) snacks throughout the day. We had a scoop or two of gelato most days, and we also had a lovely pastry and hot chocolate in a little cafe one afternoon. I also treated myself to a rum hot chocolate from Venchi which I had to eat with a spoon because it was so thick. Yes, really.

As you can see, we ate rather a lot of food during our holiday. We also made sure we sampled several cocktails along the way, and we had some lovely Prosecco and wine with our dinners.

We stopped off at the hotel bar for a happy hour cocktail nearly every afternoon, and we had some amazing after-dinner cocktails at the LondraBar. 'Amazing' doesn't actually feel like a powerful enough superlative to describe them... they were definitely up there with the best cocktails I've ever had. Cocktails in Italy tend to be served with a selection of snacks, so our constant stream of eating was never interrupted.

I think this blog post proves that our food and drink escapades in Venice get an eleven out of ten (at least). 

Have you visited any of these restaurants, or have I convinced you to try them on your next trip to Venice? 

Monday, 18 March 2019

Venice in 15 photos

We spent an amazing 5 days in Venice at the beginning of March.

As this was our second visit to Venice, we took things at a more relaxed pace and didn't worry too much about blitzing all the big landmarks as we'd already done them first time around. Our first visit to Venice was the last leg of our Italian honeymoon four and a half years ago, so we thought it was about time we returned to this beautiful and unique city.

I always find it difficult to blog about holidays in their entirety because there's so much to cover and I end up running out of superlatives, so my first post-holiday blog post is usually a photographic summary. Looking back over my recent holiday blog posts, I seem to favour sharing 15 photos so that's what I've done here. As always, the most difficult part was narrowing it down to 15 from over 400 photos.

As I did with my 'New York in 15 photos' post, I've tried to summarise all the main things we saw and did with a photo and a title to give you some context. There are some beautiful buildings missing from this list and I could comfortably have featured double the amount of photos, but I wanted to make sure I kept it to 15. Some might say I'm a little obsessed with following a specific formula.

So, moving swiftly on from words to photographs, here's our trip to Venice in 15 photos!

Piazza San Marco

Palazzo Ducale

Basilica di San Marco

Ponte dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sighs) 

View of the Venetian lagoon from our hotel

Rooftop terrace at T Fondaco dei Tedeschi

Ponte di Rialto

View from Ponte dell'Accademia

Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute


Campanile di San Giorgio dei Greci (one of Venice's three leaning towers)

San Giorgio Maggiore

Scuola Grande di San Marco (this is a hospital, believe it or not)

Grand Canal

View from a random bridge, just because...

Look out for more blog posts about Venice over the next few weeks!