Sunday, 18 October 2015

New Look meets Disney World

I've recently been to Florida's Walt Disney World... you'll already know this if you follow me on any of my social networking channels. You'll also know that I'm mildly obsessed with New Look and buy most of my clothes there these days. I did most of my holiday shopping in New Look as a result with some excellent bargains along the way, so I thought I'd post photos of some of my favourite New Look outfits. It's also a great chance to share some holiday photos on my blog seeing as I haven't had time to blog about the holiday yet!

So here goes... I should really be on commission for this post, I'd earn a fortune.

I stocked up on vests and shorts from New Look before going away,
and bought these cute white trainers for £5 in the sale!

This beautiful maxi dress was £7 in the summer sale.

Also a sale purchase... it's difficult to tell in this photo but this dress
has got little white polka dots all over it. Such a lovely colour!

Possibly my favourite pre-holiday purchase. LOVE this dress!

Another pair of shorts and a vest... Neil and I didn't
colour coordinate on purpose on this particular day!

And yet another New Look vest and pair of shorts. Reasonably
priced and so comfortable.

I bought this dress a few months ago - definitely one of my favourites.

A sale purchase from last year which I hadn't had an opportunity to wear yet!

Our last evening in Walt Disney World and another
new dress from New Look...

Another sale purchase from last year which I hadn't worn yet.
One of my favourite holiday outfits!

Can you tell that I really loved the colours of New Look's shorts this year?

And more New Look shorts...

I bought this dress last year - always a holiday favourite.

New Look must rub its metaphorical hands in glee whenever I have a holiday coming up! Where's your go-to place for holiday shopping?