Monday, 24 December 2012

30 before 30 update

Thought I'd post an update on my 30 before 30... I haven't really been thinking about it so probably haven't ticked many things off.

1. Learn to swim 
2. Go to Harry Potter World 
3. Visit a country outside Europe 
4. Live on my own 
5. Do a Marketing course - I'm half way through!
6. Learn to cook 10 things that are a bit more complicated than pasta and pesto - Not much progress here...
7. Visit Wimbledon - No progress here either
8. Become an expert on 5 different social networking sites - I've been doing lots of research on Facebook as I use it for work, so I'd say I'm now confident on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. 
9. Get a pet - Nope
10. Climb Snowdon - No... maybe in 2014!
11. Run on a treadmill - I've walked on a treadmill. It's a start. 
12. Go for a month without eating crisps - I've gone for 2 weeks, that's the longest I could manage. 
13. Learn more about politics - I have learnt more in the last few months, yes. But not enough!
14. Have a personal training session - No... still too scared. 
15. Go to a Welsh game at one Six Nations venue that I haven't been to before - Maybe another one for 2014. 
16. Collect 15 Classic Disney DVDs - I have 13!
17. Reach 500 followers on Twitter - No... not sure if this one is realistic anymore!
18. See a musical in London/another city that isn't Cardiff - Haven't had the time. Or the money. 
19. Post regularly on my blog - Definitely haven't had the time to do this!
20. Join a book group - Or this. 
21. Do more creative writing - Or this...
22. Study another Psychology module - Or this. 
23. Sample at least 10 new authors - I've sampled 2 new ones so far. 
24. Try 10 new types of food - I can't be bothered to count how many new types I've tried, but it's not 10 yet. 
25. Visit somewhere in Italy - Nope. 
26. Use Pinterest/other Internet sites to learn how to make 5 new craft type things - Again, haven't had time!
27. Make a slightly different fruit smoothie every week - Haven't had the money to buy that volume of fruit. 
28. Do more freelance proofreading and advertise my services more widely - Definitely haven't had time for this!
29. Try another 10 Soap and Glory products - I've tried Peaches and Clean, Smoothie Star Body Milk, Hand Food, Foam Call, The Righteous Butter and the mascara since August. 
30. Learn more about criminology, definition of crime and the criminal, etc - I started to get interested in this in university but haven't really explored it further since then.- Again, haven't had time to do this yet. 

So to sum up... I really haven't ticked many things off yet.