Friday, 29 April 2016

The Disney Princess Tag

When I saw this tag on Hannah's lovely blog a few weeks ago, I knew I had to take part. Although my favourite Disney films will always be the animal-led ones such as 101 Dalmatians, The Jungle Book and The Lion King, some of the princess films are also among my favourites. My love for the princess films has definitely intensified due to visiting Florida's Walt Disney World regularly since 2012 and my subsequent love for the princess-laden Magic Kingdom!

(Photo taken in Walt Disney World, September 2015)

So, here goes... 

1. Which Princess do you like the least?
Snow White... I find her a bit irritating (and I think she has the worst singing voice). I do love the film itself though. Who doesn't?

2. Which Princess do you adore the most?
Belle, with Rapunzel a close second. 

(Photo taken in Disneyland Paris, December 2014)

3. Which Princess do you relate to the most?

Again, Belle. Why can't people understand that sometimes a good book is all you need?

4. Which sidekick do you wish you had?
Gus from Cinderella, closely followed by Dopey (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) and Flounder (The Little Mermaid). I've even got Dopey and Flounder teddies, but Gus unfortunately keeps eluding me.  

(Photo taken in Walt Disney World, May 2012)

5. Which best friend(s) would you like to hang out with?
The little fairies from Sleeping Beauty... not sure if they're classed as 'best friends' exactly, but they're hilarious and so caring in their own way.

6. Which Prince would love you?

Hopefully the Beast, mostly because I love him an inappropriate amount. I also adore Kristoff from Frozen, so he'll do if the Beast is unavailable. 

(Photo taken in Walt Disney World, September 2013)

7. Which parents would raise you?
It would have to be Merida's parents due to the hair similarities...

8. Which castle do you want to live in?
Rapunzel's castle. Small but beautifully picturesque! 

(Photo taken in Walt Disney World, September 2015)

9. Which dress do you wish to own?
It's between Belle's gold dress and Aurora's pink dress. I'd probably look ridiculous in both but they're so pretty!

10. Which voice do you wish you had?
Ariel's voice is beautiful... I wish I sounded like her whenever I belt out 'Part of your world'. 

(Photo taken in Walt Disney World, September 2015)

11. Which two Princesses would be best friends?
Cinderella and Snow White. They strike me as being quite similar and they could trade animal tips!

12. Which two Princesses do you think would hate one another?
Perhaps Rapunzel and Merida... they're both quite feisty and stubborn so might have a personality clash at some point.

13. Which two sidekicks would make a good duo?
Maximus from Tangled and Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast. I think this moody duo would produce some very amusing scenes!

14. Which two Princes would be best buds?
Flynn Rider and Kristoff.

15. Which scene makes you cry?
Hmmm, can I only choose one? I always get choked up when the Beast is close to death (because of my aforementioned love for him), and when Rapunzel is reunited with her parents. I chose two because I'm a maverick.

16. What scene makes you cheer?
When the curse is broken and Merida's mum is no longer a bear! And any scene where the 'evil stepmother' or similar character is defeated.

17. Which movie is your favourite soundtrack?
Beauty and the Beast probably has my overall favourite soundtrack. I See the Light (Tangled), A Whole New World (Aladdin), Reflections (Mulan), Part of Your World (The Little Mermaid) and Colours of the Wind (Pocahontas) also deserve a special mention for being amazing. 

(Photo taken in Walt Disney World, September 2015)

18. Which scene makes you cringe the most?
Perhaps when Anna and Hans first meet in Frozen. I love the song that precedes their meeting, but the meeting itself is a little cringeworthy.

19. Which story do you wish was your life?
Probably Beauty and the Beast as Belle is the princess I can relate to the most. I'd love to be as content as she is!

20. Which movie do you love the most?
If I'm just choosing the princess films, it would have to be Beauty and the Beast.

I really want to watch a princess film after all that so I've raided my Disney DVD rack... which one should I choose?

Let me know if you decide to take part, and please leave links in the comment box if you've discovered any other Disney tags which I should be aware of! 

Sunday, 24 April 2016

My collection of Disney mugs

I haven't written a Disney-themed blog post for a while so I thought it was high time I rectified this by blogging about my growing collection of Disney mugs. After all, the blog is titled Little Miss Disney...

I've been casually buying Disney mugs for quite a few years but I started collecting in earnest when we moved into our new home after getting married in August 2014. I suddenly had more room to store my many coveted mugs, and we found some real beauties in Cardiff's Disney Store which we bought with some of the money we received as wedding gifts.

I fell in love with this collection as soon as I saw it and just HAD to buy them all. These mugs are absolutely massive so they're never filled up to the top, but they're definitely among my favourites. I love giving guests whichever mug best reflects their character... a little game I play quite often! 

So, continuing with my mug collection story, I'd always been too afraid of bringing mugs back from holidays abroad previously in case they smashed in my suitcase. However, I made an exception when I saw these lovely specimens in Disneyland Paris in December 2014. Again, they were the perfect addition to the Disneyfied mug cupboard in our new house. I love having hot chocolate with marshmallows in these beautiful mugs as the little spoon is so handy. 

I love all things Winnie the Pooh and this is definitely reflected in my mug collection. I adore my Eeyore mug above, and I've also collected the three mugs below at various points during the last few years. I bought the Tigger mug for Neil for his birthday before we got married, Sarah bought me the Piglet mug many moons ago, and the beautiful Winnie the Pooh mug was a Christmas present to myself last December.  

I'm always super excited when there's any kind of sale in the Disney Store, which is how I acquired the mug below back in 2013. It came with a mini Grumpy teddy and it's perfect for those 'I've had a bad day' hot chocolates!

I definitely need to expand my princess mugs as I only have one at the moment. Siân, my sister-in-law, bought me this pretty Sleeping Beauty mug for Christmas a few years ago. The princess mugs are always so picturesque and elegant, so I definitely want to collect more of these.

Although I'm not a Star Wars fan myself, I do like a few of the characters and I couldn't resist buying these two mugs for Neil for his birthday last month. The BB8 mug is adorable and we nearly bought the R2D2 mug in Florida last year but didn't get around to it, so I don't mind these particular Star Wars items living in our kitchen!

We've also picked up a few Pixar mugs on various occasions for our collection - Neil bought the cute Wall-E mug from the Disney Store a few years ago and he bought me the Nemo mug as a present just before we got married. 

As this is an ever-expanding collection and there are always new and exciting mugs to choose from, I've included photos of the next three mugs I'd like to buy... space and funds permitting!

Do you love Disney mugs as much as I do? Let me know which ones are your favourites and which ones I should look out for to expand my collection!