Sunday, 3 February 2013

Girly post #2... My love of nail varnish!

I haven't been seen without nail varnish on my nails since I was 14. This isn't an exaggeration. At first, I wasn't particularly interested in that kind of thing at all and just used to wear it to prevent me from biting them. This actually worked and cured me of the habit, and also encouraged me to become a little bit obsessed with painting my nails every different colour under the sun. I've gone through phases of painting every nail a different neon colour, painting each hand a different colour, using pastel shades and using glittery polishes. I can't get enough of the stuff. I gave my nail varnish drawer a good spring clean recently as I'd had some of the bottles for years, so I got rid of a lot of my old clogged up polishes. Here's my collection after my culling spree:

Still fairly extensive, although I'm sure some people have much bigger collections than this one. 

As you can see, my favourite nail varnish brand is Barry M, closely followed by No7. These two brands can last up to a week and usually only need one coat, unless you want your nails to be super colourful. I find that painting more than one coat makes the varnish chip more easily, so I only ever use one coat. Barry M nail varnish is £2.99 for the standard shades I've got in my collection, which is an absolute bargain. Their more fancy shades are £3.99, but I tend to prefer their standard range. No7 nail varnish is a lot more expensive, but I always use my Boots points and vouchers on them so that I don't have to pay the full price. 

These are my three favourites at the moment:

Barry M, No7 and New Look's own nail varnish brand

Here's a sample of what the middle one looks like when painted on:

So pretty!

The next shades I'd like to buy are a very deep purple colour, a silver glittery polish, and the most shocking pink shade I can find. Hurry up, pay day!

What's your favourite nail varnish brand?


  1. Ahhh! I'm very jelous of your BarryM collections!


    1. Hoping to add to it during the next year, they're so good! x

  2. I love a bit of Barry M! They really do have the best shades.

  3. I love Barry m

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