Monday, 11 February 2013

Overcoming my fear of dogs

I never thought I'd say this, but I really like dogs. I was afraid of them for years and would avoid them at all costs, all because a big dog jumped up at me when I was younger, knocked me off my feet and gave me a large paw shaped bruise. To be fair to him, he was only being friendly and didn't mean any harm, but I didn't understand that at the time and it left me terrified of all dogs. I'd ask people if they had dogs before I went into their houses, and would sometimes have to ask if the dog could be put into a different room because I couldn't sit comfortably knowing that there was a dog in the same room as me. It sounds ridiculous now, but it was a very real fear at the time. I never had much contact with dogs when I was growing up, apart from my grandmother's dog Patch. I didn't mind Patch as he was old and gentle, but he was the only dog I could tolerate. Perhaps the fear would have subsided earlier if I'd have had more experience with dogs, but I went out of my way to avoid them.

When I first met my boyfriend in June 2011, he asked me if I liked animals as he had two dogs and a cat. I just said honestly that I was very afraid of dogs, but I was willing to give his dogs a chance as I'd heard so many good things about them. I was very nervous about meeting the dogs when I went to his house for the first time, but I needn't have worried. After meeting Tara and Homer, dogs didn't seem so scary any more. They are two of the nicest dogs you could ever meet, and they've helped me to see that dogs aren't terrifying beasts who jump up and bite people for no reason. They have a lovely nature, and I think the same could be said of most dogs if they're treated properly by their owners. I love the way they get excited when I walk in through the door, even if I've only been gone for ten minutes. I also love the way Homer jumps up on the sofa for a cwtch when he thinks no one's looking, and the way Tara puts out her paw if you stop stroking her. They're so loyal, and obviously love their owners to pieces.

Here are some photos of the dogs:

Homer sitting patiently waiting for the ball to be thrown

Tara's 'indoor face'

Homer having a cwtch

Tara after her hair cut. 'Why have you stopped stroking me?'

It actually feels quite liberating to have overcome my fear of dogs, and makes me feel as if I can overcome my other fears too if I try hard enough. Next fear I need to conquer... swimming with my head under the water! Watch this space. 


  1. Aw, that's so cool. Maybe I need to get me a pet moth! Xxx

    1. Haha, that might do the trick! Although I don't think a pet moth would be quite as endearing as Tara and Homer are x

  2. Well done you for over coming your fear, I can't imagine ever getting over my fear of rats!

    1. Thanks :) That's a more difficult one, but I'm a firm believer that everyone can overcome their fears. I'll check out your blog tomorrow x


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