Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Restaurant review: Nando's

Nando's is definitely a regular favourite of mine. There are two Nando's restaurants in Cardiff city centre, and one in Cardiff Bay. My favourite is the restaurant in the Brewery Quarter in town, as the other two are always so busy. The one in St Davids 2 is also full of giggling teenagers and always has a massive queue, so we try to avoid that one. It is the biggest restaurant out of the three, but definitely not the most pleasant. In my opinion, the Brewery Quarter has a much nicer atmosphere than the food court at St Davids 2 too.

Last Saturday evening, we wanted something quick to eat before heading to the cinema and decided we were in the mood for some Nando's goodness. We went to the Brewery Quarter restaurant and were seated straight away without having to wait. Quite rare for a Saturday night in Cardiff!

I don't think I've ever sat at table number 1 before...

I'm not sure why I even look at the menu any more in Nando's as I always tend to have the same thing. I love their chicken wraps, I love their chips, I love their halloumi from the 'sides' menu and I love their lemon and herb sauce. Simples!

The food came really quickly, and the chips and halloumi were amazing as always. My wrap was very spicy this time for some reason though, a bit too much chilli jam I suspect I don't mind spicy food, but when I choose the lemon and herb sauce I don't expect much spice. The salad was also quite dry, so it wasn't the best wrap I've ever had. Still, it was a lovely and filling meal as usual.

Nando's feast

I'm yet to meet anyone who doesn't like a good Nando's meal from time to time... is there anybody out there who can prove me wrong?


  1. Halloumi! Love that stuff.

    I've not been to Nandos in about five years. The last time I was there I cut into my chicken and it was bloody and practically raw. Put me right off!

    I like the concept of it though, simple idea - chicken and sides. Wish an independent place in Cardiff would adopt the model.

    1. Really?! I've never had any issues there, hopefully they tightened up on their standards after that! x


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