Wednesday, 6 February 2013

I love gilets

I've been a bit obsessed with gilets for the last few months. They look really nice over a hoodie, can be worn with skirts or jeans, and are generally a useful addition to your wardrobe. So much so that I want to buy about ten of them in different styles and colours. I've managed to restrict myself to two... one navy and one cream. I bought them from New Look as they were reasonably priced and of a good quality.

Here's my navy one in action, which you can buy here:

You can't see it very clearly, but you get the idea.

And here's a clearer photo of the cream one, which you can buy here:

This is now in the sale, which is slightly annoying!

I used to think gilets were unflattering because some are very puffy, and I spent ages deliberating over various gilets before finally buying these two. However, I've now got over that paranoia and decided that the cream one doesn't make me look like a big snowman. If you think it does make me look like a big snowman, please don't tell me. 

I really want a pink gilet next... can anyone recommend a nice reasonable one?


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    1. Hello, thanks for following :) I'll check out your blog when I'm on my laptop next x

  2. So tempted to buy the cream gilet, I'm a big fan of them too (but only if they have pockets).

    1. Definitely, a hood and pockets are a must for me! x


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