Friday, 8 November 2013

Restaurant wishlist - the Cardiff edition

I love food... I don't think this will surprise anyone. A lot of my blog posts are either about my baking adventures, food I've eaten on holiday, or restaurant reviews. I don't usually eat out during the week as I'm always trying to be healthy as well as thrifty, but my fiancĂ© and I tend to go out for dinner on Saturday evenings. We go to a lot of chain restaurants such as Pizza Express and Nando's, but we also love some independent restaurants like Balti Cuisine and Tenkaichi.

We've got a long list of restaurants we want to visit in Cardiff in the next few months which I've posted below. We're obviously happy to add to this list if anyone has any good recommendations.

1. Viva Brazil
2. The Purple Poppadum
3. Juboraj (I've eaten here before but Neil hasn't... best chutney tray ever)
4. Toby Carvery (can't believe I've never been!)
5. Gourmet Burger Kitchen
6. Giovanni's
7. Mission Burrito
8. Cafe Citta
9. Mint and Mustard
10. Thai House

I'll post a restaurant review for each venue when we start ticking these restaurants off our list. Get ready for lots of gushing and photos of food!


  1. I'd miss 5 and 6 personally, having been to both places I was terribly underwhelmed.

    I recommend the Smoke House in Pontcanna and Hangfire BBQ in Splott.

    1. I've been to 5 and 6 before but not for years, so they're not at the top of the list :)

      Lots of people have recommended those two, I think we definitely need to make an appearance at at least one of them x

  2. Oooh, my favourite topic! We have a long, long list of independent restaurants to visit in Cardiff too - definitely want to try Tenkaichi! Hoping to get to Cafe Citta next week and also excited to visit The Clink (at the prison), Fish at 85 in Pontcanna, Canteen on Clifton St and The Mochyn Du. Can definitely recommend Purple Poppadum (expensive, but for a special occasion get the chef's tasting menu - amazing!), also Madeira (for the monkfish or meat kebabs), The Potted Pig and Ichiban. Ok, I'll stop now. Enjoy! Hx

    1. Tenkaichi is fantastic! I've been to Madeira, amazing food and presentation. I've heard lots of good things about the Potted Pig and Ichiban, I shall add them to my list :) x


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