Sunday, 24 February 2013

Cineworld Unlimited Card

I am a massive advocate of Cineworld's Unlimited card. It costs £14.99 per month, and enables you to go to Cineworld as many times as you want to... as the name suggests. Once you've been an Unlimited member for a year, you get upgraded to Unlimited Premium for no extra cost. Being a Premium member means you get 25% off food and drink, and don't have to pay any extra to see films in 3D. Seeing as the cinema costs roughly £8.50 these days for one film, you only need to go twice to make your money back. I probably go to the cinema an average of five times every month, so I'm definitely getting my money's worth out of the card. Cineworld is my favourite cinema in Cardiff too, which is an extra bonus.

After I'd been a member for a year, Cineworld wrote to me and confirmed how much money I'd saved by using the Unlimited card... £168!! That's a lot of films. I know the direct debit comes out of my account every month, but I really feel as if my cinema visits are all totally free of charge. I especially appreciate the card on the last weekend before pay day, as it enables me to do something fun which doesn't cost me any money at the time!

I hardly ever buy food or drink at the cinema as it's super expensive even with the 25% discount, and there's a Tesco Express around the corner. However, the discount is handy if you're really desperate and haven't had time to take an emergency trip to Tesco.

My record for the number of films seen in a single month was last July, when I saw 8 films. Bargain! I've actually been to see a lot of films twice (Wreck-it Ralph, Ted, The Amazing Spiderman and Men in Black 3 are just a few examples). If I had to pay each time, it's unlikely that I'd go to see a film twice unless I really, really loved it. However, having the card means I'm perfectly happy to see a film two, three or even four times if I'm so inclined.

A few films I've seen recently

Does anyone else have a Cineworld Unlimited card? What's your record of most films seen in a month?

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