Saturday, 9 February 2013

Cards and letters - will they ever go out of fashion?

I love sending and receiving cards and letters. Whether they're for a birthday, Christmas, congratulations, get well soon, or just a letter to say hello, I just think cards and letters are a lovely simple way to show someone that you're thinking of them. I know a lot of people don't send birthday/Christmas cards any more due to the popularity of E-cards, but I'll always remain old fashioned in this respect. I probably don't send as many random cards as I should, and this is definitely something I want to rectify this year. It always brightens up my day when I come home from work and find a letter from my mother or a card from a friend, and I'd like to have this effect on people more often.

I keep all the cards/letters I receive in this pretty box

These are some recent favourites 

I like using Moonpig for cards too, but sometimes I prefer the personal touch of actually writing a handwritten message inside. Do other people still send cards and letters, or do you think they've gone out of fashion?


  1. I love receiving them. Like you, I'm good at remembering for birthdays and Christmas, but not so good at the random ones. Must try harder! xx

    1. That's definitely one of my resolutions for the rest of the year... Need to wait until pay day though so that I can buy some stamps x


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