Saturday, 23 February 2013

Scarf fever...

When I was packing for New York earlier in the week, I made a discovery. I own a LOT of scarves. I have woolly scarves, silky scarves, cotton scarves, floaty scarves and scarves with bobbles on them. I have a huge range of colours too, so I'm pretty sure I have a scarf to go with every outfit. However, even though I clearly love buying scarves and do so quite often, I tend to wear the same two or three all the time which means I'm wasting all the others. So... from now on, my mission is to rotate the scarves to make sure I get some wear out of them all. Some of mine are really colourful, so they could brighten up some of my outfits too. It's all about the accessories! I was going to be super organised about it and write a list of which ones I've got and how often I wear them, but I thought that would be going a bit too far, even for me. 

Some of my scarves...

I can't really explain the appeal, but I just love scarves! Has anyone else accumulated a huge collection? 

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  1. I have quite a few, but not as many as you! Rotation is the key :) xx


Thanks for your comment! :)