Tuesday, 5 February 2013

20 insights into me!

As I'm new to the blogging scene, I thought I'd write 20 little known facts about myself so that readers can find out a bit more about me. People who know me in real life might already know some of these... feel free to carry on reading anyway, you might find out a few things you didn't know before!

1. I have a genuine fear of running on treadmills.
2. I was always left out of the folk dancing groups in primary school because I was too short. In a Welsh primary school, this is a big deal!
3. I would prefer to spend money on Disney DVDs than on heating.
4. I'm developing an obsession with scented candles.
5. My favourite childhood TV programme was Rupert the Bear.
6. I thought unicorns were real until about two years ago, probably as a result of fact 5.
7. I really really hate the way I sound on the phone and am convinced that I sound like a boy.
8. My dream job when I was younger was to be an authoress... I would still like to be an authoress but am a bit more realistic these days!
9. My hair is super curly, but I haven't gone outside with curly hair for about ten years. Yes, I spend a lot of time straightening it. No, I don't enjoy it.
10. I'm still a little bit scared of Santa Claus. Don't panic, I have been told that he's not real.
11. I once sprained my ankle really badly because I was running into the house with excitement to see... the new fridge freezer.
12. I can't ride a bike.
13. I always assume the worst. Always. It's a very tiring (and stressful) habit.
14. I used to think foals grew into ponies, then into donkeys, then into horses. I'm still not sure that I totally understand the difference between them all.
15. I've never lost a mark in a spelling test.
16. I had piano lessons for 13 years.
17. I've seen McFly seven times.
18. I own a crazy amount of teddies... I might blog about them one day.
19. I love brussel sprouts.
20. I used to regularly write to rugby players (often more than once) to tell them how much I admired them. I don't think I was considered threatening enough to be a real stalker.

So now you know a little bit more about me!


  1. I so didn't know the unicorns thing! Did you think they were part of the whole horse/pony/foal thing? I'm going to explain this one more time:
    A foal is a baby horse. Donkeys (sp?) and ponies are different animals.

    p.s. You are awesome.

    1. Haha, sort of, I always classed them in my mind as 'a special type of horse'. I found out the horrible truth when we were playing the alphabet game and I had to name an (existing) animal beginning with U... x


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