Friday, 28 November 2014

Restaurant Review: Miller and Carter

We celebrated our two month wedding anniversary last month and decided to visit Miller and Carter Steakhouse to celebrate. I'm determined to celebrate on the 30th of every month until we get to a year... we might be bored of celebrating anniversaries by then!

We decided to go to Miller and Carter as I discovered steak while we were on honeymoon so I was keen to try some more. I seriously can't believe I've missed out on it for so long.

New earrings for the occasion!

We decided to visit the Cardiff Bay restaurant rather than the new restaurant in the city centre as it was Halloween and I didn't want to face the horrible masked crowds in town. We booked a table in advance and arrived at 7pm in our gladrags (sort of). I loved the restaurant's d├ęcor and the tables were nicely spaced out... there's nothing worse than almost sitting on someone's lap because the tables are so close together. The main colour scheme was red and it worked very nicely, especially with the beautiful candle holders!

I'd already had a quick look at the menu online so I knew that I was definitely going for steak, even though the alternative options sounded very tasty too. I had to ask Neil for advice on which exact steak to go for... I'm definitely not an expert yet. I eventually went for a sirloin 8oz steak which came with parsley butter, chips, a slice of onion loaf and a balsamic glazed beef tomato. We could also choose a lettuce wedge (I had no idea what this would entail) so I went for bacon and honey mustard. I double checked what the steak sauces contained then settled on the chimichurri. What a feast! We also ordered a bread board to start, because that's just what we do.

Our bread board was great, as all bread boards generally are. Who doesn't love the sparkling combination of bread and balsamic vinegar? Neil happily ate all the olives as I can't stand the things. We were raring to go for our main course after polishing this off!

I was gobsmacked when my steak arrived... I really didn't expect it to come with THAT many trimmings. The onion loaf was like a giant onion bhaji and it was actually one of my favourite parts of the whole meal. I wasn't particularly fussed on the lettuce leaf, but I heartily dislike lettuce so that wasn't a big surprise. Lettuce is for rabbits! However, the honey mustard dressing was lovely. The chips were good chips which is always what you want, and the olive oil and herb chimichurri steak sauce was the perfect accompaniment. As for the steak itself, I'd asked for it to be cooked medium rare and the consistency was just right. There was more fat on this steak than on the ones I'd had in Italy, but that could just have been as a result of this specific cut. The parsley butter was a great enhancement to the flavour and made the steak taste exceptional... I'd actually considered scooping the butter off entirely so I'm very glad I didn't!

We decided to go all out and order dessert too, just to complete our decadent evening in style. We both had vanilla bean ice cream with chocolate sauce and a triple chocolate cookie, and it was delightful. There is seriously nothing better than good quality vanilla ice cream, and the cookie was just a super chocolatey bonus.

This was the most expensive meal we've ever had together in the UK (£63), but it was well worth it for a special occasion. It was certainly more upmarket than the restaurants we usually visit and the food was exquisite. We wouldn't usually go for the full three courses (believe it or not), but we wanted to make the most of it as we probably won't visit Miller and Carter very often due to the price. It's worth bearing in mind that we didn't drink any alcohol between us so obviously any alcoholic drinks would bump up the price quite significantly.

It was a shame that lots of different staff members served us at various points during the evening instead of just dealing with one member of staff, but I can't complain as everyone we dealt with was very quick and efficient. The restaurant was lovely and quiet and had a relaxing atmosphere, perfect for an anniversary meal.

Has anyone else been to Miller and Carter recently? What did you think?


  1. I haven't been to Miller & Carter yet but it is on my (very long) list of places to try. The steak sounds gorgeous so I may have to leave it until after I've given birth as I seem to have gone off meat a little during pregnancy.

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  2. The bread board looks so good! I haven't had steak for ages but these photos are making me realise I need to have some proper good food soon! Lovely post, love these foodie photos! - Tasha xxx


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