Friday, 19 January 2018

My TV favourites

I'd much prefer to read a book than watch television. I'll quite happily turn off the TV if nothing takes my fancy and curl up with a hot chocolate and my Kindle.

However, there are a few TV programmes I make an exception for and could watch over and over again. They feel 'comfortable' because I've loved them for so long, and they make me forget about everything else just for a minute. They're a bit like a comfort blanket, you could say.

So, which programmes will always put a stop to my channel scrolling?

1. Friends 

I must have seen every episode of Friends about a hundred times by now, and I'm still not tired of it. I might check if there's anything else on if the episode is from Season 6 or 7 (the weakest in my opinion), but on the whole this is absolutely my go-to TV programme of choice. It makes me laugh, sometimes makes me cry, and makes me reminisce about my house sharing days. It does tend to be on Comedy Central whenever I put the TV on, but all ten series are now on Netflix too when I desperately need my Friends fix. I own all the DVDs, but does anyone actually watch Friends DVDs anymore when it's so readily available everywhere else?

2. Neighbours

I used to watch Neighbours religiously when I was a teenager and a student, then working life got in the way and I didn't watch it properly for about eight years. When I was off sick for a while at the end of 2016, I started watching it again and now I'm completely hooked. I spent hours poring over Wikipedia pages to get myself up to date on all the storylines I'd missed (don't judge me, I was recovering and couldn't drive anywhere!), and now I eagerly watch each episode on CatchUp when I get home from work. The hilarity of the ridiculous situations these characters get themselves and other people in to honestly makes my day.

3. Suits

Neil suggested that we should start watching Suits a couple of years ago. I just pretended to watch it at first because I didn't really like any of the other series we'd started watching on Netflix, but it quickly became a bit of an obsession for both of us. After a lot of binge-watching and 'oh, let's just watch one more' moments, we caught up and watched series 7 in real time as it was aired. Due to the unexpected mid-season break, we've watched the whole six and a half series again over the last few months and we're waiting with bated breath for its return later this month!

4. The Big Bang Theory

Although I don't love The Big Bang Theory as much as I love Friends, it's still one of my favourites. I'll happily re-watch episodes of this on E4 whenever Friends isn't on (or if the Friends episodes are from Season 6 or 7!) and I absolutely love Sheldon and Amy. I can't stand Penny, but let's not dwell on that. I must admit that I don't get all the geeky references and it makes me wish I was more intelligent than I actually am, but I still find it hilarious.

5. Outnumbered 

This programme always cheers me up! In some ways it's very relatable, and in other ways it makes me very grateful for my clean and tidy house. Hugh Dennis, Ben and Karen make this programme for me, but I do think they should have stopped filming before the last series as the children are way too old to be funny anymore. As this one isn't shown as often as the others on my 'top 5' list, I always make sure I put it on if I spot it as I'm scrolling through the channels.

What are your go-to TV programmes? 

Friday, 12 January 2018

My post-Christmas sale bargains

I very rarely buy anything at full price. I've always got lots of website links for potential purchases saved on my phone, and I either wait for them to go down in price or for a discount code to swoop into my inbox. This means that the post-Christmas sales are a highly exciting event for me!

I always save a certain amount of money throughout December to make sure I've got enough to spend in the sales after Christmas, and I also had some Quidco cashback and eBay funds to spend.

It's safe to say that I've picked up some amazing bargains over the last few weeks. I use the post-Christmas sales to stock up on new dresses for work, holiday clothes, and anything else I need/want which I didn't get for Christmas.

I've included links for the items below wherever possible, just in case you fancy grabbing a bargain before they all disappear.

Hunter wellies from Schuh - I've wanted Hunter wellies for ages
and got a children's pair in the sale with a discount of £16 (and a huge £61 discount on the pink pair I saw on ASOS). Hooray for having small feet! 

A floral dress for work, a lacy pink dress and a black midi dress from Debenhams. These three dresses combined cost £39, and I saved £96 on them in total! 

A black and white dress for work, a playsuit ready for Florida, and a pink summer dress.
I saved £32 in total on these items which were all from New Look.

A blue summer dress from ASOS ready for Florida.
At £7.50 with a saving of £17.50, I couldn't go wrong!

Rose gold sequin shoes from New Look - a saving of £11. 

Cosy jumper dress from the Fat Face outlet in McArthur Glen - £25 off! 

Winnie the Pooh pyjamas from Asda - a saving of £7. 

A floral openwork charm from Pandora for my
grey leather bracelet - half price and £10 off.

Bath bomb and gift box from Lush - both items
were half price which resulted in a saving of £10.75. The gift card I had from my brother for Christmas paid for these purchases!

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush tin from Boots, half price with a saving of £5. 

And last but not least, the photo doesn't do this beautiful Ted Baker bag justice...
half price in John Lewis with a saving of £40.

I happily worked out that I've saved a whopping £270.25 in total, which is a lot more than what I actually spent. This makes my bargain hunting heart very happy. 

Have you blogged about your post-Christmas sale purchases? Please send me your links if so! 

Friday, 5 January 2018

Best of 2017

Happy new year to all my readers!

2017 was a mixed bag. In some ways, it was even more difficult than 2016 as the reality of what I'd been through the previous year really started to sink in. I hit a very low point between June and August as the one year anniversary of my diagnosis loomed large, and I had lots of niggly health issues all year which caused some frustration. However, there were also many positives to report on from 2017. 

I really enjoyed writing last year's highlights post so I thought I'd do the same thing for 2017 to make sure I reflected on all those positives. Enjoy!

Celebrated three months all clear 

We celebrated my first 'all clear' appointment after my operation with a visit to Via Napoli. This started the tradition of going for a nice meal after every oncology appointment! 

Fake Christmas 

I celebrated fake Christmas with my university friends in Minehead. 

Milton Keynes 

We went to Milton Keynes for the weekend to visit Fee and Dave. I blogged about it here

Spa day at the Hilton Hotel 

Nicola and I went to the Hilton Hotel for a spa day and an excellent afternoon tea.

The Lion King theatre break 

Neil and I went to London for the weekend to see The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre. I blogged about it here

Celebrated six months all clear 

We celebrated my next 'all clear' appointment in April with a meal at Miller & Carter. 

Walt Disney World 

We went on another amazing holiday to Walt Disney World! I blogged about our meals here, my shopping haul here and my character meets here

Sophie and Bryan's wedding 

We celebrated the lovely Sophie and Bryan's wedding day with them at Court Colman Manor in Bridgend. 

First support group meeting

I attended my first ever support group meeting (and subsequent lunch!) which I blogged about here

Rhys and Rhiannon's wedding 

We celebrated Rhys and Rhiannon's wedding with them over two days in the beautiful Brecon Beacons. 

My birthday 

I celebrated my 31st birthday with a lovely meal at Bar 44! 

Celebrated nine months all clear 

We celebrated my next 'all clear' appointment in July with our first visit to Moksh. I blogged about it here


We brought our beautiful puppy home. I blogged about her first few weeks with us here

Weekend in Portishead 

I visited Amy for the weekend in Portishead. I blogged about it here

Third wedding anniversary 

We celebrated our third wedding anniversary with dinner at Etc, afternoon tea at Pettigrew Tea Rooms and a visit to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. I blogged about our anniversary here

Celebrated one year all clear 

We celebrated being given the 'all clear' for a whole year with an amazing meal at Restaurant James Sommerin. I blogged about it here


We spent a week in beautiful Florence. I blogged about it here

Bristol shopping trip 

I spent the day in Bristol with my university friends, and blogged about my amazing festive pizza here

More afternoon teas than I can count 

I had afternoon tea at the Mercure Hotel in Swansea, the Hilton Hotel, Llanerch Vineyard, The Park Plaza, and at Pettigrew Tea Rooms (several times!). 


We had a lovely Christmas with family and friends. I blogged about it here.

So as you can see, 2017 had lots of highs as well as lows and it's important to remember this as I step tentatively in to 2018! 

What were your highlights of 2017?

Friday, 29 December 2017

Christmas 2017

This blog post is being published on a Friday rather than a Thursday because I got my days mixed up... perils of that very confusing week between Christmas Day and New Year's Day. The latest terrible Nationwide advert calls it Chrimbo Limbo, and I'm inclined to agree with them on this occasion.

After blogging about my pre-Christmas celebrations last week, I thought I'd focus on Christmas itself for this post. It's been a really busy few days but we've had a lovely time celebrating with family, friends and Jessie!

Neil and I had a quiet Christmas Eve together and opened our presents from each other in the evening after our Indian takeaway. Jessie also opened her stocking on Christmas Eve to make sure the excitement was spread over a few days for her too. She was overjoyed about suddenly having lots of new toys to play with, although her exuberance isn't very apparent in this particular photo.

On Christmas Day, we headed over to Neil's parents' house to spend the day with them and Neil's sister. We all opened our presents throughout the morning then went to Miller & Carter in Cardiff city centre for Christmas dinner. We had five courses in total, including this beauty of a turkey dinner, and it was all amazing! I was completely unable to eat for the rest of the day which is unheard of for me.

On Boxing Day, we drove to my parents' house for round two. We had another lovely day with more presents, and a tasty dinner cooked by my brother. The cookery genes clearly passed me by and went straight to him! We stayed overnight as my sister, brother-in-law and nephews were arriving the next day and we wanted to make sure we saw them before we left. We also called in to see Nicola and Osian on our way back to Penarth to finish off our Christmas visiting. Jessie was well and truly played out and slept all the way home!

As always, I had lots of really lovely and thoughtful gifts from family and friends. I painstakingly photographed them all before putting them all away yesterday as I wanted to make sure I included them in this blog post! I might blog about a few presents separately, but I thought I'd give you a bit of a summary in this post.

Gifts I can wear - two Pandora charms and a ring, a new coat, three pairs of pyjamas, three pairs of cosy socks, Cath Kidston bag and purse, two scarves and two shopper bags.  

A girl can never have too many toiletries. 

Gifts for the home, including four new Disney Traditions figurines and five mugs! 

The edible/drinkable gifts. Diet will start in March. 

I can't believe Christmas is over already, but I've still got just over a week off work with lots of exciting plans, so all is not lost. 

What did you get up to over Christmas? Have you blogged about your Christmas presents? Send me your links if so! 

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Ten days of pre-Christmas celebrations

December is my favourite month of the year. Partly because it contains Christmas Day, but also because the build-up to Christmas is just as exciting as the day itself for me.

As I've enjoyed quite a few pre-Christmas celebrations during the last ten days, I thought this would be a very appropriate topic to blog about with just four sleeps to go before the big day.

One of my favourite Christmassy traditions is the annual office Secret Santa lunch with my colleagues. We all bring in a different item of food (the food list is planned with military precision to avoid duplication), we exchange our Secret Santa gifts, and we partake in a quiz and laugh a lot. I was so happy with my thoughtful and completely perfect gift this year... 100 collectible postcards from Disney's Golden Age! I can't wait to frame some of these beauties over the Christmas holidays.

A few hours after our Secret Santa lunch, we went out as a communications team for a few cocktails at our new favourite bar - Be at One. When the menu is about 30 pages long and the cocktails seem to be 'buy one, get one free' whenever we go there, what's not to love? Although we didn't stay out late as we were working the next day, it was lovely to spend some time with the team outside of work and to indulge in some very delicious cocktails on a school night! 

A few days after our Secret Santa lunch, it was time for the annual work Christmas party. We went for a meatylicious meal in Viva Brazil, followed by drinks at Kongs/ Two brand new places for me! The Prosecco was flowing and it was a great evening with lots of laughing and catching up. I even bought new sparkly shoes and a sparkly bag for the occasion. If you can't wear sparkly shoes at Christmas, when can you? 

We were supposed to go out to Neil's work Christmas party the night after my party, but we were both exhausted so we had a Saturday night in with two massive Papa John's pizzas and Home Alone instead. I then continued the excessive eating the day after by driving to McArthur Glen to meet Sarah in Frankie and Benny's. I had a cajun chicken wrap but didn't photograph my food... I must have been REALLY tired! 

On Monday evening, we went to Tony's in Penarth with Sophie and Bryan as we hadn't caught up with them for a while. We had a lovely meal (I went for pasta rather than my usual pizza, due to the pizza overload over the weekend), then we all went back to our house to play Monopoly on the Nintendo Switch. Jessie was ridiculously excited about having visitors... there was a lot of barking, leaping and general over-excitedness on her part. 

I finished work for Christmas on Tuesday and Neil randomly had the Wednesday off work, so we took the opportunity to go in to Cardiff to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi. I was slightly lost for parts of the film as I'm not a Star Wars fan and haven't got a clue about the back story, but I thought it was a pretty good film overall. Also, I love love love BB-8. 

Lastly, to finish off this very Christmassy ten days, I went for afternoon tea with Jo in my favourite place - Pettigrew Tea Rooms. We've both had a rubbish couple of years in many ways so we thought we'd treat ourselves to afternoon tea just before Christmas. I had to get my slice of cake boxed up to take away because I was too full to eat it after my massively indulgent hot chocolate, sandwiches and scones! But don't panic, I ate it a couple of hours after I got home and loved every bit of it. 

I'll be blogging about our actual Christmas celebrations next week, if I'm not in a food coma by then... in the meantime, hope all my readers have a lovely Christmas! 

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Jessie's first Christmas

The build-up to Christmas 2017 has been even more exciting than usual because... *drum roll*... it's Jessie's first Christmas!

I was getting quite stressed (me? stressed? surely not) about not being able to put up any decorations in case she chewed them/ate them/ran off with them, but she's actually been very well behaved on the whole. We've agreed not to talk about the occasion when she grabbed Piglet off the tree and sprinted around the living room for a solid 90 seconds with him in her mouth.

We decided to go for a slim Christmas tree rather than our usual huge tree, and we thought it would be wise to place it on a coffee table rather than putting it on the floor at easy jumping height. Although I really miss our big tree, having a smaller tree does have its advantages... this tree is entirely filled with Disney decorations as we've now got enough of them to fill a small tree!

Of course, I just had to get a few personalised items to mark Jessie's first Christmas. A Christmas tree decoration and a stocking seemed like the obvious contenders, so I browsed Etsy for those specific items for an embarrassing length of time. I eventually bought the Christmas tree decoration from JayneTappDesign and the stocking from Little Stitches. We're also considering buying a doggy Christmas jumper, but we're not sure if Jessie will take kindly to that idea and we should probably take her feelings into account.

I think the main festive disappointment for poor Jessie has been that she's not allowed to play with any of these new exciting things that have suddenly been deposited around the living room. I was expecting her to be a nightmare with the stockings in particular as they're just hanging there so temptingly, but she's only gone for them a couple of times. However, she did come to the end of her tether when she wasn't even allowed to play with the box the Christmas tree came in. Enough is enough! 

We've bought quite a few Christmas gifts for Jessie already and I still want to buy a few more... I need to remember that other people will buy her presents too. In my defence, she does need some new toys as she's destroyed quite a few of her old favourites in recent weeks since she's discovered the full strength of her adult teeth. We just need to make sure that all boxes, wrapping paper and everyone else's gifts are kept well out of her reach!

I mostly can't wait to witness Jessie's excitement levels over Christmas. She gets excited about mundane things like frozen carrots and crunchy leaves, so her Christmas excitement will be off the scale. 

Have you got any more ideas on how we can celebrate Jessie's first Christmas? Let me know!