Friday, 24 August 2012

30 before 30...

Hello... It's been a long time since I ventured on to my blog. Possibly that's why it took me 5 attempts to log in. Anyway, I'm here now. I've been meaning to post my '30 before 30' for months now... thanks to Liz for the idea! Read Liz's post here. This is basically a list of 30 things I want to achieve before I'm 30. It gives me a few things to aim for, and some are more serious and challenging than others.

I started writing this months ago, so I've already achieved a few of the things I set out to do. I've still included them though, nothing better than a list with a few things ticked off already! Here goes:

1. Learn to swim - Achieved in April, just in time to go to Florida's water parks!
2. Go to Harry Potter World - Achieved in May, amazing place. Even it was heaving with people.
3. Visit a country outside Europe - Went to Florida in April/May
4. Live on my own - This will be achieved next Tuesday! Eeep.
5. Do a Marketing course - I'll be starting this in September.
6. Learn to cook 10 things that are a bit more complicated than pasta and pesto.
7. Visit Wimbledon - I don't care if I don't see anyone famous, as long as I get there and see a match on one of the outside courts.
8. Become an expert on 5 different social networking sites - I want to be enough of an expert to be able to train people on these sites. So far I'd say I've only reached this level on Twitter and Pinterest.
9. Get a pet - something more sophisticated than a goldfish. This one might have to wait until I move out of rented accommodation.
10. Climb Snowdon.
11. Run on a treadmill - I have a genuine fear of treadmills. Don't laugh.
12. Go for a month without eating crisps.
13. Learn more about politics - I find it all really interesting but don't know enough about it.
14. Have a personal training session - This will be hugely useful as I don't even know if I'm doing the right kind of exercise when I go to the gym.
15. Go to a Welsh game at one Six Nations venue that I haven't been to before - So either Dublin, Rome or Paris.
16. Collect 15 Classic Disney DVDs - I have 6 at the moment.
17. Reach 500 followers on Twitter - I have 185 at the moment.
18. See a musical in London/another city that isn't Cardiff.
19. Post regularly on my blog - At least twice every month.
20. Join a book group - This one might have to wait until I finish my Marketing course.
21. Do more creative writing - This is separate to the blog entry as I won't necessarily share my creative writing with anyone else.
22. Study another Psychology module.
23. Sample at least 10 new authors.
24. Try 10 new types of food.
25. Visit somewhere in Italy - anywhere will do!
26. Use Pinterest/other Internet sites to learn how to make 5 new craft type things.
27. Make a slightly different fruit smoothie every week.
28. Do more freelance proofreading and advertise my services more widely.
29. Try another 10 Soap and Glory products.
30. Learn more about criminology, definition of crime and the criminal, etc - I started to get interested in this in university but haven't really explored it further since then.

So there we have it... 1,378 days to go! I'll keep posting my progress when I remember/have time. Exciting times. Yes.

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  1. I like it! I could never go for a month without eating any crisps...



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