Monday, 10 February 2014

Things that make me happy I'm alive (52 Lists Project)

This is my second post in the 52 Lists Project series... here are some things that make me happy I'm alive!

1. The lovely people around me (family, Neil, friends etc).

2. Food. All food. 

3. All things Disney.

4. Bobby (my car). Sadly, I don't think Bobby himself will be alive for much longer. *Sad face*

5. Our new house. Blog post to follow on that very soon!

6. Pretty views

7. Holidays

8. Neil's dogs (Homer and Tara)

9. Nights in with pyjamas, hot chocolate and a Yankee candle

What ten things make you happy that you're alive?


  1. Food and being able to pull a dish together myself (especially when making home made curries from scratch) deff makes me happy, reading, crafting, and my cats are key happy factors too.

    1. Ah I should have adding reading to mine too! Home made curries sound lovely... I definitely haven't reached those culinary levels yet x


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