Thursday, 27 March 2014

Restaurant Review: Urban Tap House

I went to the Urban Tap House in Cardiff last Friday night on a work night out. They claim to 'serve the best burgers in Cardiff' on their website... I was very keen to verify this ambitious statement!

We got to the venue at 5:30pm and it was already pretty full. The atmosphere is very relaxed and there's no loud music so you can actually have a decent conversation. I know this makes me sound like an old lady, but I hate going to places where I have to shout to make myself heard and also have to pretend that I can hear what everyone else is saying. You know those embarrassing moments where you're just nodding along because you can't hear a word, and the other person is actually waiting for you to answer a question? I experience those moments a lot.

We congregated upstairs as there were so many of us, and we pretty much took over half the upstairs bar. The little bar upstairs has lots of rustic round tables (and dangerously high plastic chairs), and there's also a private room called the 'Cwtch'. For those of you who don't know, 'cwtch' is the lovely Welsh word for 'hug'! Coincidentally, the Urban Tap House also sells a variety of beer called 'Cwtch'.

I'd been thinking about what burger I was going to order for about three weeks, so it didn't take me too long to decide on the Big Welsh. This beast was made up of a beef burger, Welsh cheddar, bacon and pan fried leeks. The meal also came with chips and coleslaw, and cost £7.50 in total. I've never had leeks in a burger before, but no harm in trying something new!

Wow. Just wow. I loved the meal and finished every tiny little bit of it, down to the last smear of coleslaw. Yes, that purple concoction is coleslaw... some people commented that it looked like purple strips of chicken! The chips might actually have been the highlight as they were so beautifully crisp and salty, but the burger was pretty good too. It definitely wasn't a 'plastic' burger like the one I had in Frankie and Benny's last year! I don't usually bother to eat the bacon in cheeseburgers as it's never cooked properly, but this bacon was cooked to perfection. Oh, and leeks in a burger taste really good. Who knew? I've had a lot of good burgers in my time, and this one was definitely in my top ten. 

I'll certainly be going back to the Urban Tap House as I thought the food was very reasonable and it was a nice relaxing place to spend a few hours on a Friday night. I've also seen a few photos of their mouth-watering specials on Twitter which make me want to hop in the car to town there and then!

Have you been to the Urban Tap House? What did you think?

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