Saturday, 12 December 2015

Twelve posts of Christmas #1 - Our Christmas tree

Although I've barely blogged for the last few months due to being insanely busy, I'm going to attempt to publish twelve posts over Christmas. There are so many Christmassy topics to blog about and I'll have a few weeks off work, so it should hopefully be an easy goal!

I thought I'd start with something I'm extremely excited about... our new Christmas tree. We bought a very basic tree last year as we were short of money after buying a house and getting married within a few months (I wouldn't recommend it!), so this year we decided to treat ourselves to a nicer pre-lit tree. We learnt our lesson last year as it was very stressful trying to string flimsy lights evenly around a 7 foot tree!

We went for a 6 foot tree this time with frosted branches and decorative pine cones, and I absolutely love it.

The white lights are so pretty and understated and they really show off the beautiful decorative branches. Some of the frosted tips are white and others are silver and glittery... I'm just in love with every aspect of this tree! 

We've built up a decent collection of Disney baubles so far between Cardiff's Disney Store, Disneyland Paris and Florida's Walt Disney World. They make the tree look extra special and magical.... who doesn't love a Disney Christmas? 

Without a doubt, my favourite Disney bauble is the one pictured below which we (carefully) brought back from Florida this year. Isn't it beautiful? 

Our plain red, turquoise and purple baubles fill in all the gaps, as well as our silver snowflakes. I'm hoping that we'll eventually have enough Disney baubles to fill the whole tree, but for now I think the plain baubles complement our Disney treasures nicely.

I love coming home from work after a long day, putting on my Christmas onesie then settling down on the sofa next to the Christmas tree. It makes the living room look so festive and cosy and I'm already dreading the moment when we'll have to take it down. Can't it just be Christmas in my house all year round?

Have you blogged about your Christmas tree? Send me your links, I love having a nose at everyone else's Christmas decorations!

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