Friday, 27 May 2016

Restaurant Review: Cafe Citta

Cardiff's Cafe Citta has been on our 'restaurants we must visit' list for a long time and I'm pleased to announce that we finally got around to booking a table there last weekend.

I actually visited Cafe Citta for a business lunch a few months ago which prompted me to book a table for me and my husband to celebrate the fifth anniversary of our first date. Two main reasons for the haste in visiting again - the food was amazing and I was gutted that I didn't get to take a photo of it the first time around! Taking photos of your food isn't really appropriate when you're out on a business lunch (or so I'm told).

Cafe Citta is rated the 5th best restaurant in Cardiff on Trip Advisor and it's got an excellent reputation across the city and beyond. It's a tiny little restaurant on Church Street which could quite easily be overlooked, although the deliciously authentic Italian smell seeping out of there does give it away somewhat. It's a very popular restaurant so I would definitely recommend booking a table beforehand, particularly if you're visiting over the weekend.

We got the bus into town last weekend so that we could enjoy a few drinks throughout the day. I ordered a glass of Prosecco as soon as we got to Cafe Citta as it was the same price as a glass of wine... I love it when that happens! Each table is adorned with a candle and fresh flowers so I obviously had to include those in my first picture. An aesthetically pleasing table is always a good place to start!

We decided to go for starters as well as our mains just to make sure we sampled a wide range of dishes, so I chose the salami starter with spinach, garlic and chilli. It was ridiculously tasty and smelt divine... I could have eaten about three bowls of it! It's worth noting that we were sitting very close to the kitchen area so had a good view of the various starters being served to all the other customers. I can confirm that they all looked/smelt just as spectacular as this one. 

I decided to go for a pizza for my main meal this time around as I had pasta the first time I visited. Cafe Citta's pizzas are legendary so I was almost bouncing up and down on my seat in anticipation. I chose the Pizza Padana which came with salami, red onion and parmesan. In all seriousness, it's the best pizza I've ever had outside of Italy. The quantities of each ingredient were just right and of a very high quality, and the pizza dough itself was really thin and flavoursome. I can certainly see why these pizzas have earned their legend status! 

Our meal came to £39 which included a glass of Prosecco, a bottle of beer, two starters and two mains. I thought this was very reasonable considering the quality of the food and the overall enjoyable experience. We dealt with three different members of staff at various points throughout the meal and they were all friendly and attentive. I love the authenticity of this restaurant and the decor is unique and captivating... unfortunately, I didn't take any photos of the interior itself due to the low lighting and fairly close proximity to other tables. 

So, to conclude, would I recommend Cafe Citta? A thousand times, yes! 


  1. Actually salivating... Another place to add to the 'to eat' list!

    Liz x


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