Thursday, 23 March 2017

A Beauty and the Beast tag

The wait is finally over... I saw the live-action Beauty and the Beast in the cinema last weekend and loved it! It was so beautifully done from start to finish and, in true Disney fashion, every little detail was taken care of. The new songs fitted right in with the old favourites and I fell in love with them straight away, particularly 'Days in the Sun' and 'How Does a Moment Last Forever'. I already want to see it again, and again, and again, and again.

The lovely Danielle posted a Beauty and the Beast soundtrack tag on her blog a few weeks ago and seeing the film has inspired me to complete the tag myself. I already loved everything about Beauty and the Beast but this new film has definitely rekindled my love for it even more. 

Here are the questions and my answers - please feel free to join in and post your own answers if you'd like to!

Belle // As Belle's little town is in France, which French town/village would you choose to be a resident of?
I've only ever been to France twice - once to Disneyland Paris in 2014 and once to Toulouse in 2008. So, although I'd love to live in a Disney park for the rest of my days, I'm going to say Toulouse as that's a more realistic answer! The food was excellent so I'd be happy enough with that option.

Gaston // Judging by your actual taste and not knowing their 'true identities', who would you go for - Gaston, LeFou, Maurice or the Beast?
I love Maurice - he's softly spoken, kind, loyal, a bit absent-minded in an endearing way, and a lovely man all-round. Someone like Gaston would be my worst nightmare!

Be Our Guest // While at the castle, who from the staff would you befriend?
Mrs Potts. Her motherly nature and calming phrases remind me of my lovely mother so I'd feel very much at home if I stuck close to her. (On a side note, my mother now reads my blog - hi Mami!)

Beauty and the Beast // Of any song in the world, which would you and the Beast first dance to?
I'll choose the beautiful song we danced to at our wedding for our first dance - I See the Light, from Tangled. It still gives me goosebumps whenever I hear it.

Beast Lets Belle Go // Would you rather save your father from the dungeons and never find love/live alone forever, or leave your father to live his last days in the castle alone and marry the love of your life, living happily ever after?
I would definitely have to save my father from the dungeons, whatever the personal cost was for me. Thinking of him all alone in the castle (or all alone anywhere, for that matter) makes me very sad!

Transformation // Choose only one to keep and use for the rest of your life; Books or Mirrors?
Books books books! I'd be much happier if there were no mirrors in my house.

Human Again // Under the spell, what household item had you been turned into? And what would human function would you miss most?
My favourite household item is my bed so I'm inclined to say I'd turn into one of those. The human function I'd miss most would be curling up on the sofa or in bed in my pyjamas to read my book... if I was an actual bed I think I'd struggle to even hold a book let alone read one!

Death of the Beast // Share a (beastly) trait of your own to kill off.
I think I'd go for my astounding overthinking abilities as this trait permeates every area of my life without fail.  

Have you seen Beauty and the Beast yet? What did you think? 


  1. Books are most definitely better than mirrors! X

    P.S. Hi Edith!

  2. Eee I thought I'd commented on this! So sorry.
    Thanks for doing it. I think you're the only one lol.

    If we were talking live action Maurice I'd choose him but I think there was quite a difference between him and the animated M so I don't think I'd choose that one ha.
    Love that you'd be a bed too!!



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