Friday, 20 December 2013

My very first ImPress manicure

I'm not a particularly girly girl, but I do absolutely love nail varnish. As I explained in my very first post on this topic, you'll never ever see me without nail varnish on. I've even planned what shade of nail varnish I'll be wearing on my wedding day!

This year, while preparing for my office Christmas party, I decided to try something different with my nails. Neil's sister loves using ImPress press-on nails for special occasions like holidays and parties, and his mother had bought me two packets of the 'Working Girl' pattern a few months ago. I thought the Christmas party was the perfect opportunity to give them a go!

Each packet contains 24 stickers of different sizes, so firstly you need to select one sticker that's exactly the right size for each nail. Once you've lined up your ten nails, use the provided wipe to cleanse your nails before starting on the application. I've been advised that this step is vital, so don't leave it out!

I started with the little finger on my left hand, and left both thumbnails until last to make the application as easy as possible. The stickers were very easy to apply and fitted like a dream on all ten nails. I pressed each one firmly for a few seconds and they felt super secure. I thought they might feel odd because they're longer than my natural nails, but they felt perfectly comfortable and didn't get in the way. They weren't flimsy at all so there was no danger of them snapping or flying off.

They were really shiny and the glitter effect was very effective... perfect for a Christmas party! I was so pleased with the finished effect and couldn't stop looking at my hands for a few hours after I'd applied them. These nails really add a touch of glamour and make you look as if you've had a manicure in a beauty salon. They obviously don't chip like ordinary nail varnish, so there's no danger of having to redo one or two nails the day after you've spent ages painting them as you've had chipping issues!

I was a bit worried about removing the stickers as they were stuck on so securely, but they came off easily when I immersed my hands in hot water and peeled each sticker off, starting from the right hand side. They didn't leave any marks and didn't damage my nails at all. 

You can buy the ImPress range from Amazon and Boots as far as I know... let me know if you've found them anywhere else! I'll definitely be trying the ImPress collection again as I'm well and truly hooked after my first experiment.

Has anyone tried ImPress nails? What did you think?

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