Monday, 16 December 2013

Restaurant review: Mission Burrito

I blogged about my restaurant wishlist a few weeks ago, and Mission Burrito is the first place on the list we've managed to venture to. We've had a busy few weeks! Cardiff's branch of Mission Burrito has only been open for a month or so, and the smell wafting out of there is always amazing as you walk past. We decided to pop in last weekend for our lunch.

After staring at the menu for a while because I tend to get confused if there are lots of different options, I decided on the chicken fajita burrito. I was pleasantly surprised by the sheer amount of chicken they loaded on to the wrap... probably more meat than I'd eaten during the last fortnight put together. I also had rice, peppers, onions, salsa verde, sour cream and cheese.

The counter and ordering process at Mission Burrito aren't dissimilar to the system in Subway, but you have about five times more food.

Once your wrap has been filled until it's about to burst, it's wrapped up in foil and given to you to tackle in the most ladylike manner possible. Good luck with this... I definitely didn't succeed with the 'ladylike' part and managed to get burrito juice everywhere. Totally worth the mess though!

I've never tried salsa verde before, but it really added something to the burrito. It helps that I love coriander, even though I'd never have thought of putting coriander in a burrito myself. The chicken was also seasoned with their chipotle sauce which was really tasty, and peppers and onions are always going to improve any burrito. Or any meal, for that matter.

My very messy burrito...

Has anyone else been to Mission Burrito yet? What did you think? I'll definitely be going back very soon!

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  1. That looks so much fun and the finished burrito looks delicious! We have a somewhat similar local place that makes them in the same manner, always so good!


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