Saturday, 24 December 2016

My favourite kind of tag... Christmas tag!

I saw this Christmas tag post on Dee's blog a few weeks ago and thought I'd schedule my own ready for Christmas Eve. I'm pretty excited right now... IT'S NEARLY CHRISTMAS DAY!

I haven't written many Christmassy blog posts this year (where did December disappear to?!) so this post also gave me the opportunity to share some of my favourite festive photos from the last month or so. Enjoy!

What is your favourite Christmas film?

My all-time favourite Christmas film has to be Santa Claus the Movie. It might be ancient and old fashioned but it's the film I watched with my family on Christmas Eve for about 20 years so it brings back lovely memories. However, both Home Alone films, Miracle on 34th Street and Arthur Christmas are also very high up on that list!

Is your Christmas tree real or fake?

It's fake - I've never had a real Christmas tree. We bought a beautiful artificial Christmas tree last year and I'm still in love with it a year on.

What refreshments did you leave out for Santa when he visited you on Christmas Eve all those years ago?

Good question... it's been a while! We left a glass of milk and a mince pie if I remember rightly, along with a carrot for the reindeer. We also used to write a little card, and 'Santa' (my dad) would always leave a note for us to thank us for the card and the refreshments. Funnily enough, we never noticed that the handwriting was suspiciously similar to my dad's!

What tops your Christmas tree?

A silver sparkly star. I've been on a hunt for a nicer tree topper (preferably a Disney one) for a while but all the ones I've found so far have been too heavy for our tree.

Favourite Christmas memory?

Waking up early on Christmas Day when me, my sister and my brother still lived at home. We'd open our stockings together then run downstairs to take a look at what Santa had left under the tree (without opening anything), then we'd run back upstairs to make sure our parents got out of bed immediately to get the rest of the festivities underway!

Was there a present that you asked for but Santa never brought?

I did go through a phase of asking Santa for a magic kit for Christmas. That's one thing I never received! I have no idea why on earth I wanted a magic kit or what a magic kit would even consist of...

What makes Christmas special to you?

Spending time with family and friends, having time off work, cosy nights in with hot chocolate and marshmallows (or mulled wine), buying gifts for my favourite people, enjoying the Christmas decorations, watching Christmas films, and the food. Definitely the food.

What is your favourite Christmas song?

Again, it's difficult to choose just one but 'I wish it could be Christmas every day' always pops into my head whenever I get asked this question.

Without meaning to sound ungrateful, what was your worst Christmas present ever?

I refuse to answer this question. I think it's so ungrateful when people declare that they didn't like a particular present, directly or indirectly. Imagine how hurt the person who gave it to you would be if they heard?! I always put loads of thought into the presents I buy for people, and I assume others do the same, so I definitely hope my gifts never feature as the answer to one of these questions.

Please feel free to post your own Christmas tag if you want to, although I've left this really late so it'll need to be a post-Christmas tag from everyone else! A very merry Christmas to all my readers :)

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