Monday, 19 December 2016

My Pandora charms... an update

I received my first Pandora bracelet for my 29th birthday. 18 months on, the obsession has well and truly taken hold and I've got three bracelets and a growing collection of charms.

I thought I'd write a blog post about the charms I've collected so far as they all have their own little story, and I've included links where possible so you can feel free to copy my purchases/presents. I've also bought a few rings, pairs of earrings and necklaces from Pandora over the last 18 months but I'll save those for another post!

So, starting with the bracelet on the left, going from left to right...

Dazzling Daisies clip charm: I don't like having too many charms on each bracelet and I also have to make sure the charms I do have don't slide all over the place, so my clips are essential!

Sparkling lucky clover pendant charm: This was a present for my 30th birthday from Edwina. 

Club Charm 2016: I bought this charm with money I received for my 30th birthday from my parents - it has a tiny '2016' on it! 

Darling daisies spacer charm: One of the first charms I ever bought. I love the way it spaces out the bigger charms on this particular bracelet and fits in with the overall theme. 

Springtime charm: I love the shape and design of this pretty charm, as well as the little splash of baby pink!

Symbol of aspiration pendant charm: Neil bought this charm for me as a belated gift for my 29th birthday, a few days after I received my first bracelet.

Darling daisy meadow clip: The perfect clip to finish off this spring-inspired bracelet!

And now for the second bracelet with the beautiful heart clasp...

Firework clip: I wanted smaller and matching clips for this bracelet so these firework clips were ideal. 

Pink butterfly charm: Nicola bought this one for me for my 30th birthday. 

Heart of freedom charm: I bought this for myself after my recent ordeal!

Suitcase charm: My parents-in-law bought this charm for me last Christmas. 

Signature heart birthstone charm: Liz gave me this charm in March as a thank you for being her bridesmaid. 

Letter B pendant charm: This was the first charm I ever bought, using the money I had for my 29th birthday. 

Best friend butterfly pendant charm: I bought the other half of this charm for Nicola last Christmas which meant I got to keep one half for myself!

To add to my growing collection, I've now got enough Disney charms to warrant them needing their own bracelet. When I was in Florida earlier this year, Walt Disney World's Pandora stores were running a great promotion where you could buy a bracelet, two clips and a charm with a very significant saving. I couldn't say no...

I haven't provided links for these charms as a lot of the Disney charms are limited edition which means they're no longer available. They're also not sold in the UK! Here's the story behind them...

Braided clips: These were part of the aforementioned offer and they remind me of Rapunzel's hair!

Minnie Mouse charm: Again, this was part of this year's Disney offer and an essential addition to every Disney fan's bracelet. 

Belle charm: This charm is really beautiful and features Belle's signature as well as the pretty rose.

Minnie ears headband: This was a present from my in-laws which cheered me up after my operation!

Mickey swirl charm: Again, a present from my in-laws. 

Mickey Mouse charm: This was the first Disney charm I ever bought, back in September last year. 

Walt Disney World charm: I also bought this charm last year... the perfect souvenir for any Disney fan!

Have you written any blog posts about your Pandora collection? Send me your links if so! 

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