Sunday, 10 March 2013

New York #8: Shopping

This is the last in my series of blog posts on New York. As I've mentioned before, I'm not always a big fan of shopping but the shops in New York are legendary so I was looking forward to sampling some of the shops there. Everything is so much cheaper in America than in the UK, so it's always a good opportunity to buy clothes, jewellery and so on. I didn't take a huge amount of spending money with me, but I bought a lot and still brought 40 dollars back with me to keep towards my spending money for Florida in September. I also prefer shopping when I'm on holiday as I've already budgeted for my spending money, so it doesn't feel as if I'm spending real money!

My favourite shops were the Disney Store (predictable, I know) and Aeropostale, as you can see from the theme of the purchases below. I also loved the New York souvenir shops, even if some of them were a bit dodgy.

So here's what I bought!

Postcards, a pink 'I love NY' keyring and a fridge magnet. 
The postcards were 10 for a dollar!

The bracelet on the left is from a bead shop, and the one on the right is 
from the American Museum of Natural History

Shopping bag from Macy's!

Pen from M&M's World - everything else was a bit pricey!

Tshirt from the Rockefeller Center

Tshirts from Aeropostale and American Eagle - 30 dollars in total!

This was a present from my boyfriend... it was supposed to be 45 dollars 
but came up as $19.99 when it was scanned at the till. Bargain!

More from Aeropostale - a lovely hoodie and bag. Ridiculously cheap again

New sunglasses from Aeropostale

I couldn't go to New York without buying anything from the Disney store. 
Meet Bolt and Dumbo!

Hopefully this series of blog posts has conveyed how much I loved New York and what a great place it is. Roll on Florida in September! 


  1. I want the spotty sunglasses! xx

    1. I couldn't decide if they were tacky or not... I've decided I don't care x

  2. Haha The Disney Store would of been my first port of call and taken all my money!
    Would love to explore the American Disney stores, everything is bigger and better in the states I've heard :P

    Loving exploring your blog, your newest follower,

    1. It really is! The Disney store was being refurbished too, so it'll be twice as big in a few years. Thanks for following :) x


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