Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Song of the month

I haven't bought any music for ages as I never seem to have time to listen to it any more, but I just had to download 'When can I see you again?' by Owl City a few weeks ago,  inspired by hearing it on the Wreck-it Ralph soundtrack. As you'll already know, I absolutely loved Wreck-it Ralph, and the soundtrack was excellent. I hadn't even heard of Owl City before hearing their song on the soundtrack, but 'When can I see you again?' is very promising. This song is upbeat and catchy... as a McFly and One Direction fan, I obviously enjoy these qualities in a song. Well worth 99p! I'm now considering buying an Owl City album as they're pretty cheap on Amazon, but haven't decided which one to buy yet. Any suggestions/recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

You can watch the Disney-esque video here:

Has anyone else downloaded this song? Are there any other similar bands I should be listening to?

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