Monday, 25 March 2013

March's shopping haul

January and February were very tight months due to the financial hangover from Christmas and having to pay for my annual car insurance, so I decided to treat myself to a few things after March's pay day. My haul isn't very big compared to other similar posts I've read, but I'm not very good at spending money and far too good at saving it. Most of these items were either reduced or on offer too... I'm always on the look out for a bargain.

The summery items are in preparation for my holiday to Florida in September. I'm well aware that I probably won't get the chance to wear them in this country if this weather carries on!

So here's what I've bought lately:

Roxy and Animal flip flops - £5.75 each from Play. 
These would have been £16 each at full price!

Black shorts from Asda, £6
Vest from Asda, £6
Wrap over top from New Look, £12.99

Tshirt from Superdry, £19.99. I know it seems like a lot to pay for a 
tshirt, but they're very flattering and comfortable!

Rimmel powder and Barry M nail varnish, 
£8.98 for the lot due to a 3 for 2 offer in Boots

£1.99 each from Tesco for big 400ml bottles... 
I love Herbal Essences but I've never tried this one before!

So there's my haul... the only extravagant purchase by my standards is the Superdry tshirt, but I'm in love with their tshirts after my boyfriend's parents bought me one for Christmas. The make up, shampoo and conditioner are essentials, and I do need some more summer clothes so those purchases are justified too. This is what I do when I spend money... I have to justify every single little thing. I should rename this blog 'Little Miss Sensible'. 

Has anyone else been shopping in March? Feel free to leave me some links to your haul posts!


  1. the barry m colours are so pretty! x

    1. I'm totally obsessed with Barry M at the moment. I definitely didn't *need* new nail varnish... x


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