Friday, 15 March 2013

There's no surprise quite like a McFly surprise

Regular readers of my blog will know that I love McFly. A lot. I've seen them seven times, I own every album and DVD they've ever produced, and I also own four McFly tshirts. When I first heard that they were touring in Cardiff in May, I didn't have enough money to buy tickets as there were only a few weeks before Christmas. I decided to wait until after Christmas and buy the tickets then. Bad idea... they sold out within a few weeks. This resulted in some angsty grumbling, which my boyfriend listened to very patiently while making sympathetic noises. I then tried to put the gig and the tickets out of my mind because I knew there was no way I could pay £100 for a ticket from Ebay.

In the meantime, I sat two exams at the beginning of December and I'd been eagerly waiting for the results ever since. Well, I use 'eagerly'  in the loosest sense of the word... I was convinced that I'd failed so I wanted to get the initial disappointment over and done with so that I could start preparing for the resits. I've never failed an exam in my life, but I genuinely thought I'd failed those two. Three hours before we were due to fly to New York, I received an email on my phone with my exam results. If I'm honest, I was in two minds whether to open the email or not. On one hand, I thought it would put a dampener on the whole holiday if I found out that I'd failed, On the other hand, I knew I'd just be thinking about the results for the whole time if I didn't open the email. So I bit the bullet and opened the email. Aaaaaand... I passed! I was massively relieved, and danced over to tell my boyfriend the glad tidings. He congratulated me and said he knew I would, then showed me an email confirmation from Ticketmaster... he'd bought two tickets to see McFly back in December in preparation for my results! I did a bit of squealing and waved my hands around, and couldn't quite believe what a brilliant Monday morning I was having. Best surprise ever!

So, on 10th May, I'll be singing along to McFly in the CIA. I'll obviously be wearing one of my many McFly tshirts, and will be hoarse after the gig if I'm true to form. Can't wait!

Is anyone else going to see McFly on this year's tour? What's your favourite McFly song? I can't actually choose one favourite but I'll leave you with one that's definitely close to the top of my list:



  1. The big question is... Will Neil be borrowing one of your many McFly t-shirts? xx

    1. I'm going to say no... Luckily for him, they won't fit him. They're snug enough on me! x


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