Thursday, 5 June 2014

My pet gym class peeves!

You'll already know that I have a mild obsession with the gym if you follow me on Twitter or on Instagram. Don't be fooled too much by my complaining... I do love it really!

I've started altering my routine and going to more gym classes during the last six months as I was getting bored of doing the same old workout every time I went to the gym and not seeing transformational results. I now go to Spin, Body Pump and Body Combat every week. Although I'm pleased that my gym visits are a lot more varied and I've seen a real difference in my body shape since I started doing regular classes, I do have some pet peeves about gym classes which I thought I'd share on my blog. I'm writing this post after a particularly annoying Body Combat class so I have plenty of ammunition!

1. The space invader

I always get to my classes early to make sure I get a good space. This is especially important for Body Pump as there's a lot of equipment to collect and set up before you even start the class. It's also important for Body Combat as you need lots of room to perfect your side kicks and jump kicks. I walk in, choose my spot, make sure I've got lots of space around me... then at the last minute, someone comes and plonks themselves right next to me/in front of me/behind me. They're clearly going to be in my way for the entire class, and by this time there's nowhere else for me to move to as the room is full. I then spend the entire class dangerously close to the wall and can't put too much effort into my side kicks in case I accidentally kick something/someone. So irritating!

2. The supermodel 

This particular gym type will strut into the studio with perfect hair, perfect make up and a brand new outfit. Lo and behold, they'll also leave the studio an hour later with perfect hair, perfect make up and a brand new (not sweaty) outfit. This is particularly irritating when I leave every class with a red face and curly hair... please bear in mind that my hair is always poker straight when I enter the studio. I'd like to think I worked harder than they did, but possibly some people do really look that perfect all the time. I dislike those people.

2. The clique 

You know when you thought you'd left 'the clique' behind when you left secondary school? You didn't. 'The clique' is present in all its horrible glory in every gym class. These irritating gaggles will giggle for the entire class, won't take the class seriously, will blankly stare at anyone outside of the 'the clique' who dares to look their way or step into their circle, and will suck up to the instructor as if there's no tomorrow. They will occasionally increase their giggles to cackles if they feel that they haven't quite made their presence felt. You're usually only permitted to join 'the clique' if you're a supermodel.

4. The arrogant expert

You'll get one of these (or more than one, if you're unlucky)  in every gym class. They'll march straight to the front to the space they've stood in for the last year, even if they're late and there's already someone in their space... yes, the arrogant expert can also be a space invader. They'll then proceed to make every move a split second before the instructor does in order to prove that they know the entire routine off by heart. All their moves will be executed with a slightly too enthusiastic flourish. The arrogant expert also enjoys sucking up to the instructors, even though they probably irritate the instructors more than they irritate me. The arrogant expert usually yearns to be a member of 'the clique' but can't bring themselves to giggle and mess around during the class as this would tarnish their 'expert' status.  

Have you come across any of these people in your gym classes? Please let me know that I'm not alone in my frustrations!


  1. I have come across them all!! My worst memory (I can't afford the gym anymore so its been a while :/) is of a guy on the tredmill next to me, although there were loads of others free. He was breathing in short bursts, really loud like *hoo, hoo* then if that wasn't annoying enough proceeded to wipe his brow in a salute fashion drenching me in his shower of sweat. UHH. haha


  2. Ugh, that sounds horrible. Some people just don't understand gym etiquette... I thought it would have been engrained into everyone! x


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