Friday, 20 February 2015

So I REALLY like hot chocolate...

It's well documented that I hate tea and coffee but love hot chocolate. There's just no contest in my mind... why on earth would you choose tea or coffee when you could have a hot chocolate?

I happen to meet friends in coffee shops on quite a frequent basis which means that I drink a LOT of hot chocolate. Neil and I also like relaxing in a coffee shop for half an hour or so when we're out and about over the weekend... he drinks coffee, I drink hot chocolate. I was looking through my recent phone photos a few days ago and realised that I'd had six hot chocolates within the space of ten days. This doesn't even include the hot chocolates I've made for myself in my own house! I do nearly always order a skinny hot chocolate, but still... that's a lot of chocolatey goodness in a short space of time.

As hot chocolate looks so much more attractive than tea or coffee, I thought I'd post photos of my recent beverages for you to feast your eyes on. That's just the kind of thing I do, in case you hadn't already noticed.


Valentine's Day hot chocolate in Coffee #1 

Skinny hot chocolate in Caffe Nero 

Hot chocolate with all the trimmings in work (for charity!)

Skinny hot chocolate in Starbucks

Afternoon tea in Pettigrew Tea Rooms

Yet another skinny hot chocolate from Caffe Nero 

I'm fully expecting to have another hot chocolate (or three) over the weekend and I'm already excited. Do you love hot chocolate as much as I do? Is this even possible? Let me know! 

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  1. Those cafe nero ones look loooovely. yum yum.
    I love tea and coffee but always end up chosing hot chocolate when I pop to a cafe, it's so much more interesting :)
    Gill ¦ EyelinerFlicks


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