Tuesday, 24 February 2015

New pink trainers!

I haven't bought new trainers since 2010. Seeing as I spend half my life in the gym, this is a very long time.

I've needed new trainers for about two years but hadn't got around to buying them... common excuses have included 'I can't afford them', 'I'm too busy to go looking for trainers', 'it doesn't really matter what I wear to the gym' and 'there's too much choice'. My obsession with losing weight and toning up is enough motivation to send me to the gym so I've never been one to buy lots of different gym clothes, but lately I've just been craving a new pair of pink trainers. Let's be honest, who doesn't want a pretty pair of pink trainers? Lots of people? Oh, ok then... moving swiftly on.

I popped in to Sports Direct last Sunday to see what they had in stock and to gauge their prices. I was pleasantly surprised by what I found there and decided to buy the first pink pair I cast my eyes on. They were £29.99 reduced from £37.99 which I was pretty pleased with. I did also fall in love with a pair of pink Nike trainers but they were out of my price range unfortunately... maybe next time! Although I spend lots of time in the gym, I can't justify spending a fortune on trainers as I don't go running so don't need to worry too much about impact.

Can't get much more pink than this! 

Do you also love pink trainers? Have you blogged about a new pair lately, or do you blog about more interesting things than new trainers...?

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