Sunday, 19 May 2013

Too many teddies?

I have a small obsession with teddies. This refers to all cuddly toys, not just the bear variety. I've been collecting them since I was tiny, and it's definitely not a hobby I've grown out of. Also, a substantial percentage of my collection has actually been given to me by other people as my love of teddies is so well documented.

I usually buy a teddy (or two) as a souvenir when I visit a new place. Consequently, I have teddies from Florida, New York, Kefalonia and Edinburgh to name just a few. I'm particularly fond of collecting Disney teddies... This should come as no surprise to those of you who know me well or are regular readers of my blog.

I keep a few teddies on my bed and a few on my sofa, but they're mostly just on display for me to look at and to make me smile. Some people might think teddies are silly things to collect, but everyone has different tastes and different things they like to hoard. My hobby is quite cheap in comparison to others I know of, especially as a lot of my teddies have been given to me as gifts.

My teddy collection, excluding those I left behind in my parents' house...

My favourites at the moment are my giant Pluto, the Nemo cushion/pyjama case, Bolt, Dumbo, Mr Pricklepants, Lotso, Duffy, Eeyore... I should stop there before I end up naming them all. 

Disney teddies I'm still trying to afford/track down include Thumper from Bambi, Lady from Lady and The Tramp, Todd and Copper from Fox and the Hound, Dopey from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Flounder from The Little Mermaid and Gus from Cinderella. A few trips to Florida should hopefully go some way towards finding these additions!

Does anyone else (my age...) love teddies as much as I do? Please share!


  1. THE BIG DOG! I LOVE THE BIG DOG! Conversely, Hedwig makes me feel nauseous with fear. xx

    1. Ahh the big dog is still at my parents' house, I don't think I have room for him in my flat! Although he's probably not that much smaller than the giant Pluto x

  2. Hell yeah I love soft toys as much! haha.
    My collection is mainly Disney teddies, both limited edition and Disney store originals but my other half always buys me a soft toy if we ever visit the zoo, aquarium etc :D

    I have alot but dunno if it's as much as you haha. I love the white rabbit one I can spy...

    I may even do an updated post on them and link yours at some point if thats cool!

    Best wishes,

    1. I'm glad there's more people like me out there! Feel free to link to my post, I'd love to see which ones you have :) x


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