Friday, 17 May 2013

Frantic about Florida #3

This is the third post in my Frantic about Florida series - you can read the first two posts here and here. I get a little bit more excited every time I write one and look through all my photos from last year. Eep!

Here are another 5 things I'm looking forward to:

1. The Magic Kingdom night show

This show was well worth queuing for and gave me goosebumps! 
Brilliant parades, atmosphere, lighting and fireworks. 

2. Eating a churro 

Cinnamon and sugary goodness!

3. The tigers in Busch Gardens 

Up close and personal!

4. Hogwarts at Universal's Islands of Adventure

There's also a brilliant ride inside the castle, as if the visual element wasn't enough!

5. Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom

Amazing ride which sends you hurtling backwards down the mountain!

Hope you enjoyed the third instalment... look out for the fourth one in a few weeks!


  1. I could take or leave the Magic Kingdom, but the others sound amazing. I am well jel. xx

    1. You'd like the rides and food in the Magic Kingdom, but the cheese factor might just be a bit too much! x


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