Friday, 12 July 2013

Day out in Shrewsbury

My boyfriend has been living in Shrewsbury for the last year due to unforeseen circumstances, but we haven't had much of an opportunity to explore the area as he comes back to Cardiff every weekend. He'll  be moving back home shortly (yay!) so we wanted one last chance to have a wander around the lovely area. Last Thursday evening, I travelled up to Shrewsbury on the train so that we could spend some time there before heading back to Cardiff on Friday evening. The train journey took just under two hours so I amused myself by listening to my iPod and reading McFly's brilliant autobiography. I passed some fantastically comical place names on the way... I think my favourite was Woofferton.

Shrewsbury is a quiet and pretty town with nice views, plenty of shops and lots of places to eat. Perfect! We walked into town in blazing sunshine after having breakfast on Friday morning. It's so nice to go out in a vest, skirt, flip flops and sunglasses without having to worry about getting cold or rained on. Long may it last...!

There are some lovely houses in Shrewsbury! House envy...

Lovely view from the bridge into town

The town itself is filled with a mixture of independent shops, vintage stores, charity shops, coffee shops and the usual chain stores. It's all pretty hilly, so walking into town in the heat was good exercise and helped to burn off some calories from our rather large breakfast. 

One hill!

Lovely building in the centre of town

Market stalls!

Selections of jams at one market stall... I loved the display.

My favourite shop in Shrewsbury is definitely Mollie's sweet shop. It's full of every kind of sweet thing you can think of... retro penny sweets, huge assortment of fudge and chocolates, American sweets, ice cream, sherbet, lollipops, Slush Puppy, nuts, and a whole lot more. I would definitely recommend popping into Mollie's if you're ever in Shrewsbury for the day. The pick'n'mix was 80p per 100g (I think), so not as extortionate as a lot of other places. Definitely not as expensive as cinema pick'n'mix, and there's a lot more variety too.

My bag of Pick'n'Mix!

I also found a lovely dress for £3.95 in a charity shop, which I'll be blogging about in a separate post on my recent charity shop finds. 

Has anyone else visited Shrewsbury recently? Did you go to Mollie's? I'd definitely like to repeat the experience one day!

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