Thursday, 25 July 2013

I REALLY love flip flops

I never used to wear flip flops when I was younger. I preferred to be properly strapped in to chunky sandals so that they definitely couldn't fall off my feet or trip me up. What on earth was I thinking? These days, I absolutely love flip flops and want to buy every pair under the sun. Luckily, my bank balance doesn't allow me to do this. They're just so comfortable, and you can always find a reasonably priced pair to go with whatever outfit you're wearing. I'm not really a shoe person and don't have many pairs of actual normal shoes, but I'm building quite a hefty collection of flip flops.

My flip flops!

I've been able to wear flip flops non stop for the last three or four weeks as it's been so hot, and I've loved it. The basket I keep them in has been taken out of the store cupboard and put in pride of place in the living room so that I can rummage and find a matching pair every morning.

I also couldn't resist buying two new pairs this week from Debenhams and Accessorize... in my defence, I was having a bad few days and needed to cheer myself up! I love flip flops with a lot of detail on the straps, so these pairs were perfect. The pair from Debenhams matches my holiday bikini and will be perfect for the beach or casual shopping trips, and the pair from Accessorize is perfect for work or going out for dinner. Multi functional!

I've already chosen 9 pairs to take to Florida with another 2 possibles... I might have to be more ruthless with my shortlisting!


  1. I wore flip-flops for 25 minutes yesterday, and I now have no skin between my toes. I am deeply jealous of your ability to wear them pain-free. Xx

    1. That's annoying :( I tend to find that the cloth type ones are easier on the toes than the rubber ones! x


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