Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Hot chocolate, marshmallows and flowers solve everything!

You know when you just have 'one of those days'? This happened to me very recently. EVERYTHING seemed to go wrong. My day started with an awful night's sleep and a very bad hair day and ended with a wasted trip to the travel kiosk in Tesco and with someone parking in my designated residents' space, with a super busy day in between. These might all sound like little things, but they all built up into massive things in my frazzled mind until I was ready to throw something at someone, or at myself. I just kept thinking 'Why me???' in a very self pitying manner. However, my boyfriend saved the day with the lovely presents below :)

Beautiful flowers

Hot chocolate, marshmallows and a mug!

My love for hot chocolate is well documented, and I genuinely look forward to having a hot chocolate in the evening with three marshmallows for a treat. I live a simple life, obviously. I also love having flowers in my living room window to brighten up my flat, and these flowers match the photo frames Neil bought me for my birthday. These really were the perfect presents to cheer me up, especially because a lot of thought went into them. 

So perhaps hot chocolate, marshmallows and flowers don't solve everything, but they do go some way towards improving your mood when you have 'one of those days'!

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