Wednesday, 3 July 2013

30 before 30 - Update

I posted my 30 before 30 list last August, so I thought I'd revisit it to update my progress. I hadn't made much progress at all when I posted my last update in December, mainly due to being so busy, but I've done a lot better in the last few months. Considering I've still got nearly three years left until I hit the big 30, I'm pretty pleased with my progress so far.

1. Learn to swim
2. Go to Harry Potter World
3. Visit a country outside Europe
4. Live on my own
5. Do a Marketing course

6. Learn to cook 10 things that are a bit more complicated than pasta and pesto. I've actually done really well on this one in the last few months... my favourites include chicken and chorizo fajitas and chilli con carne.
7. Visit Wimbledon - No progress here yet... maybe one for 2015. I suspect that 2014 will be too busy/expensive!
8. Become an expert on 5 different social networking sites - I'm now very confident on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Blogger and LinkedIn. My next conquests will be YouTube and Instagram!
9. Get a pet - I can't do this one yet as I live in a rented flat.
10. Climb Snowdon - No... I have climbed Pen y Fan though. Might be a good challenge for next year.
11. Run on a treadmill  Finally! Unfortunately, it was nearly as bad as I imagined so I don't do it very often.
12. Go for a month without eating crisps - I haven't been keeping track and I definitely don't eat crisps very often any more, but I don't think I've gone longer than 3 weeks without any crisps at all.
13. Learn more about politics - I still need to do a lot more work this one.
14. Have a personal training session - No... still too scared.
15. Go to a Welsh game at one Six Nations venue that I haven't been to before - I really want to see Italy v Wales in Rome in 2015. We'll see!
16. Collect 15 Classic Disney DVDs I have 23 now! Thanks, Disney Movie Rewards.
17. Reach 500 followers on Twitter - No... nearly halfway there though.
18. See a musical in London/another city that isn't Cardiff - Still haven't had the time or the money to do this one.
19. Post regularly on my blog  I've been managing to post an average of three or four posts per week which I'm very pleased with :)
20. Join a book group - No progress on this one yet.
21. Do more creative writing - Haven't done this yet, but I have a few ideas.
22. Study another Psychology module - Haven't done this yet as I've only just finished my marketing course and want a short break!
23. Sample at least 10 new authors   I've sampled even more new authors since having my Kindle... current favourites include Jeff Miller and Chris Ewan.
24. Try 10 new types of food - I don't think I've completed this one... must start keeping track of all the new foods I try. I had calzone for the first time quite recently, does that count as a new food?
25. Visit somewhere in Italy - No, but hoping to pencil something in for 2014. I'm pinning a lot on 2014...
26. Use Pinterest/other Internet sites to learn how to make 5 new craft type things - No progress on this one.
27. Make a slightly different fruit smoothie every week - I haven't made any smoothies at all... fruit is so expensive!
28. Do more freelance proofreading and advertise my services more widely - I haven't had enough free time to do this... sadly, I'm not sure if I ever will.
29. Try another 10 Soap and Glory products  This one was an easy one to complete. My favourite is currently the Sugar Crush body scrub.
30. Learn more about criminology, definition of crime and the criminal, etc - I started to get interested in this in university but haven't really explored it further since then.- I've read a few news articles on this recently, but haven't looked into it in detail.

12 out of 30... not bad!


  1. This is such a good idea - I have similar amount of time to you until I am 30, so I must get a list together

    1. It took me ages to think of the first few, then the ideas just kept flowing! x


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