Sunday, 14 July 2013

Summer bargains

You all probably know by now that I'm off to Florida in September. I've lost weight and gone down a clothes size or two since I went last April, so I needed to buy a brand new holiday wardrobe ready for this year's trip. I love it when I have an actual legitimate excuse to go shopping. especially if it's because most of my clothes are too big for me!

I've been purchasing items steadily since the beginning of the year rather than buying them all at once just before going away. This means I get to spread the expense between a few pay packets and I can also keep an eye out for spontaneous bargains. I've trawled a lot of internet sites and charity shops... I love a bargain.

I think I've nearly finished shopping for holiday clothes now, and I've managed to do it pretty cheaply considering I had to re-buy nearly everything. I thought I'd share some of my favourite new summer clothes with you in this post, and I've provided links to the items where I can and where the items are still available. Enjoy!


£14 from Primark

£13 from New Look

£5 from Primark


See previous blog post for details

£23.60 in the Debenhams sale. See my Duffy the Disney Bear 
blog post if you want to know why I'm holding a bear!


Absolute bargain from Play at £6.99 each. I'd have paid over £30 
if I'd have bought these from a proper surf shop!


£3 from a charity shop, originally from New Look


£3 each from Peacocks. These are a lovely fit, even if they do look creased!


Trainers - £6.99 from Primark
White flip flops - £4 from Tesco
Blue flip flops - £3 from Tesco


In the sale in Debenhams. Got to love Mantaray!


Minnie Mouse sunglasses case - £3.75 in the Disney Store sale
Sunglasses - £4 in a random shop in Cardiff's Queen's Arcade
Black bag - £2 in a charity shop
White bag - £5 from Tesco

Spread over seven months, I've managed to buy a new holiday wardrobe without breaking the bank. I've even managed to wear some of these clothes in this country in the last few weeks as it's been so hot. Bonus! 

Has anyone else been shopping for summer clothes? Any last minute bargain ideas for me?


  1. I've started my holiday shopping too (good thing, seeing as I'm going in two weeks). Have ordered a few things from the ASOS sale, then I'll raid Primark next week... Am really trying not to go mad and only get things I need. We'll see how that goes! Xx

    1. I know what you mean, it's hard to be disciplined and just buy the things you need, especially when shopping in Primark! I've never ordered anything from ASOS, I'll have to have a look on there sometime x

  2. I like the items you bought.
    Can i ask you where you got that costume for Duffy?

    1. Hello, isn't it beautiful?! I bought it in the Cardiff Disney Store, or you can buy it online here:

      Hope this helps! x

  3. You got so many goodies here, Beth! Lucky girl :) love the bikinis from Debenhams especially! Katie-xo

    1. Debenhams have some really lovely bikinis at the moment, they're quite expensive but I think it's worth paying a bit more for swimwear that isn't flimsy! x


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