Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Cricieth... the food edition!

Yes that's right, I'm still raving about my weekend in Cricieth! You won't be surprised to hear that we ate a lot of food so I thought I should dedicate a whole blog post to the various snacks and meals we had during the holiday.

I should probably start with confessing how many times we went to Cadwaladers during our holiday... we went for an ice cream on the Friday evening after we arrived, went for another ice cream on the Saturday afternoon and went again for lunch and dessert on the Sunday afternoon. Obviously I just can't resist their amazing ice cream! The Cadwaladers restaurant in Cricieth is lovely and has a beautiful view of the seaside at the back of the restaurant. We were lucky enough to find a table overlooking the sea on all three occasions!

First ice cream - sticky toffee pudding and caramel pecan

Second ice cream - strawberry and honeycomb

Neil's lunch... chilli con carne in a bread bowl! I had food envy as my 
barbecue chicken panin didn't look this good. 

Food envy disappeared when my amazing dessert
turned up... strawberry meringue tower. A tidy Eton Mess!

Don't panic, we did eat in other places apart from Cadwaladers. On our first evening, after having our ice cream, we went to the Prince of Wales pub for some food and a few drinks as we'd read lots of positive reviews on Trip Advisor and we didn't fancy eating in an upmarket restaurant on our first night. I ordered the chilli con carne with half rice and half chips, expecting something similar to the chilli I've experienced in Wetherspoons... nice, but nothing spectacular. However, independent pubs in North Wales obviously put a lot more effort into their food and presentation! The chilli was lovely and clearly wasn't a microwaveable meal, the chips were chunky and tasty, and even the 'wild rice' was extra nice! 

We had breakfast every day in our little guesthouse... I'll be writing a separate blog post about Bron Rhiw but here's a preview of the breakfast I decided to have on our first morning!

We went to an Indian restaurant called the Spice Bank on the Saturday evening. We originally wanted to go to the Poachers restaurant on the High Street but they were fully booked, and Indian is always a good alternative. I went for the keema byriani as I've never tried it before and wanted to try something different as we were in a new place. It was served with half a boiled egg which I've never experienced with a byriani before... the whole thing was delicious! We had the usual poppadoms and chutneys which weren't too impressive and probably came out of a jar (the chutneys, not the poppadoms!, but my main meal more than made up for that. 

I've already blogged about our visit to Caffi Cwrt so I won't expand on that here, but here's a picture that pretty much sums up how amazing it was! 

No trip to the seaside is complete without fish and chips so, on our last evening in Cricieth, we visited the local fish and chip shop and ate our dinner on the sea front surrounded by fellow tourists, pet dogs and seagulls. Thankfully the seagulls aren't as aggressive in Cricieth as they are in Cardiff... they left us well alone. I'm not a big fan of fish so I had a battered sausage and chips instead. I haven't had a battered sausage in years! It was a lovely simple meal and a great way to finish off the weekend. 

Are you concerned about my eating habits yet? Don't worry, I do go to the gym a lot,  honestly! 

Have you eaten in any of the restaurants featured above? Let me know! 

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