Monday, 12 May 2014

McBusted... best gig ever!

I'm still slowly coming back down to earth after seeing McBusted last week. Neil bought me tickets for Christmas, so I've been looking forward to this gig since the end of last year. It was everything I dreamed of, and more!

Although I'd already seen McFly eight times before this gig, I'd never seen Busted. I was a pretty big fan of theirs back in the day, but never to the same slightly obsessive extent as my love for McFly. However, there are lots of catchy Busted songs I absolutely love so I couldn't wait to hear some of the old classics. I was also excited about hearing a few early McFly songs, obviously. See what I did there? You'd have to be a bit of a closet McFly fan to get that one...

I've had this McFly tshirt since I was about 19!

We got to the CIA at about 7:30pm and it was already pretty full... I'm assuming people had been queuing all day to get in. As much as I'd have liked to be on the front barrier, it definitely wouldn't have been fair to subject poor Neil to that! We managed to get a good spot on the left hand side of the stage, directly in front of one of the big screens. It's essential that I can see a screen when I'm at a gig as I'm too short to be able to see over people's heads. Short girl problems. 

McBusted had three support acts at their show. Yes, three. One of them was pretty good, one of them was alright, and one of them was dire. The average age of the support act band members was approximately 15... they made me feel quite old, to put it mildly. I get so impatient during the support acts, particularly if I'm waiting for a band I really love. Get on with the main event!  

I got so excited once the sequence started on the screens to signal McBusted's grand arrival. I won't go into detail as I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't been yet, but the way they open the show is amazing. All I'll say is that it has a Back to the Future theme... unsurprising, seeing as both bands love the trilogy so much. McFly even named themselves after one of the protagonists!

It was great to see all six super group members on stage singing along to each other's songs and having an amazing time. I hadn't listened to Busted as much as I should have in the months leading up to the gig, so I'd forgotten all about lyrically hilarious songs such as 'You Said No' and 'Nerdy'. They also played lots of early McFly tunes, as expected, so I was in my absolute element. 'Five Colours in her Hair' was one of my highlights, and everyone loves a bit of 'Star Girl'. My throat was sore by the end of the gig due to shouting/screaming along to every song and my ears were totally busted (couldn't help myself!), but the pain was definitely worth it. I also loved the way they actually interacted with the audience during the show rather than just singing back to back songs the whole way through. Their childish humour is very humorous and I love it! 

They even managed to fit Tom's wedding speech in to the show... I love that man so much. He was my least favourite band member back in 2005, but he's now firmly at the top of the tree for me. I'll let you guess what song followed the reference to Tom's speech... it's a Busted humdinger! 

Here are some photos taken by my official photographer (Neil): 

Have you been to see McBusted yet, or do you have tickets for one of their later shows? Send me your links! 


  1. It sounds great! Lately I'm not going to many concerts. Love your tee.

    Jasmine x
    For a Real Woman
    So easy Spanish!

    1. They were so amazing... I'd highly recommend going to see them if you ever get the opportunity! x


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