Thursday, 15 May 2014

The joys of wedding colour schemes...

I haven't written a wedding post for a while, so I thought I'd write a quick blog post about the colour scheme we've chosen for our wedding. It's not as simple as it sounds, believe me!

Our secondary colour is ivory, so that's nice and straightforward. Ivory roses for the bouquets, an ivory theme for the table centrepieces, ivory waistcoats for the men... lovely. However, our main colour is turquoise and this is where the confusion comes in.

Is it really turquoise, or is it teal? Does anyone actually know what the difference is between the two colours, or are the words just interchangeable? Who decides what's turquoise and what's teal? Should aqua be brought into the mix too just to confuse matters further? The colour we've chosen changes drastically depending on the lighting in the room (although this is generally the case with most colours), and we haven't been able to get a spool of ribbon which exactly matches the colour of the bridesmaids' dresses or the ribbon on the invitations. I've never thought so much about colours in my entire life! I'm possibly being extra fussy about the colours as I work in communications so thinking about complementary colours is a big part of my day job... I just want everything to match perfectly.

However, I have now decided (grudgingly) that no one cares about the colours half as much as Neil and I care about them, so it's probably not worth spending hours getting stressed about the colour scheme. Yes, it's important, but it's certainly not the most important factor. I need to remember that the most important factor is the actual marriage part, and everything else will fall in around that. Easier said than done, but I need to stop worrying about the little things!

We managed to find some ribbon on Amazon which is the exact shade we were looking for, so we've worked around that for the rest of the coloured products for the wedding. The bridesmaids' dresses are slightly darker than this shade, but I don't think anyone will be comparing the pantone reference of each and every colour on the day itself. Although that does sound like something I would do... hopefully none of my guests are as pedantic as I am.

Getting different things to match has been a bit of a nightmare but I think everything will look lovely and bright on the day. Teal/turquoise and ivory really complement each other and they'll look great at a summer wedding. I can't wait to see the wedding breakfast room all kitted out in our colours and decorations, and the bridesmaids' dresses will look so beautiful in the photos. I'm just hoping it'll be sunny as the colour will look even more vibrant in the sunlight, but the weather is the one thing I unfortunately can't control.

Fingers crossed!


  1. I've added a second colour to stop this issue. We're having a dark and baby blue as our colours. I don't think shade always matters as it's always nice to see some depth and not everything all matchy matchy

    1. That's a good idea... in hindsight, we would probably have been better off if we'd done a similar thing! I'm sure it'll all look lovely on the day :) x


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