Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Christmas presents... the baking edition

This is the third post in my 'What I got for Christmas' series... I'm feeling very blessed to have had so many lovely presents. Thanks again, everyone!

After making shortbread for the first time a year ago, I've been well and truly bitten by the baking bug. I don't bake too often as I'm very wary about putting on weight (and about spending too much money on ingredients!), but I find it very therapeutic and rewarding when I do decide to do some baking. As a result, I decided to put some baking accessories on my Christmas list this year.

I love these pretty tins my parents bought for me for Christmas. I always store my baking creations in various tupperware containers which isn't ideal, so I was delighted with these tins which will be used especially to store my biscuits, cupcakes, brownies and whatever else I decide to bake in the neat future. They're so beautiful!

I also had this apron, baking mitt and tea towel set from my parents. I always end up with floury clothes (and shoes and face and hair...) whenever I do any baking so this apron will come in very handy. I also love the fact that my apron, oven mitt and tea towels will be coordinated! I love the cheery pattern on these items and will probably end up wearing my apron every time I cook to protect my clothes. I'm sure some people will think it's quite sad that I'm this excited about an apron... each to their own!

I also had this lovely Hummingbird Bakery book from Nicola which I mentioned in my first 'What I got for Christmas' post. I can't wait to bake some tasty items from my book while wearing my new apron, then storing the finished products in my new tins! 

Did you get any baking goodies for Christmas?

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