Friday, 10 January 2014

Christmas presents... the teddy edition

I love teddies more than any adult should. Do you remember my blog post entitled 'Too many teddies'? I definitely have far more teddies now than I did then. Most of my teddies have actually been bought for me as presents, and this Christmas brought even more fluffy gifts.

I had 6 teddies for Christmas... I think I need a bigger flat! Neil bought me the adorable Mickey Mouse teddy in Pluto pyjamas below (on the left), all the way from Downtown Disney in Florida. I absolutely loved this teddy when I spotted it while we were on holiday in September, but didn't have enough money left to buy it for myself. Neil also bought Donald Duck and Mike Wazowski for me... look how cute they are! I've wanted a Donald Duck teddy for a while to add to my classic Disney character collection, and Mike Wazowski in his MU cap has been on my wish list since seeing Monsters University last year.

I also had two teddies from Neil's parents. They bought me the Mickey Mouse teddy on the right hand side, holding a miniature Duffy the Disney Bear, and the Minnie Mouse teddy in the pretty gold dress. I've had my eye on this Mickey teddy for ages as I'm such a big Duffy fan, and the Minnie teddy is so sweet and is a limited edition product. She has '2013' stitched into her left shoe! Neil's parents bought me the '2012' Minnie for the Christmas before last, so I'm building quite a Minnie collection. 

Last but definitely not least, Neil bought this Nemo mug from the Disney store which came complete with a little Nemo teddy. Cutest face ever? Just look at those eyes! I already have a Nemo cushion which Neil bought for me in Florida a few years ago, but this little Nemo is possibly even cuter.

Did you have any teddies for Christmas? Send me your links!

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